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October 1, 2017

Cindy H.

Hi, I’m 58 and have had 2 full replacements and one redo. I had my first knee replaced in 2006 at 45.  Doctors always said the my constant knee pain was because I was so obese. I had laparoscopic surgery done first. Didn’t work. I had injections, and pain patches, I couldn’t walk stairs or get off the couch without help. My knee was damaged. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who said I needed replacement. It was the most unbearable pain I had ever felt. The physical therapy after was excruciating and lasted 6 months, 2 times a week.  I cried every day at therapy and it got so bad, I eventually quit going. Needless to say I never got full range of motion in that knee. I was no longer able to walk up stairs, ride a bike, or walk correctly. I lived with it for 10 years. I never thought I was going to have to go through that again. Well ten years later, my other knee began to have the same pain. I had asked a friend to recommend a new doctor for me to see and her recommendation was Dr. Comfort. After my first meeting with him, I was hooked. He took his time speaking with me, explaining what we could do and offered some things to try before I did the surgery. Things worked for a few years and then it came time to have my other knee replaced. I followed what he suggested as far as getting the knee strong before the surgery. The surgery went well, no problems. I knew as soon as I woke up that the pain was gone. I was able to have a physical therapist come to my home to help me do my exercises. I was happy to know that I could use different things I had at home to get in my workouts. Physical therapy was painless and only lasted a few weeks. I was able to regain full range of motion, again with no pain. With the exception of bad knee from my first surgery, I was able to walk up stairs normally. About 6 months later, I talked to Dr. Comfort about re-doing my first knee. He said it was going to be a harder and more complicated surgery because of how that knee was currently. I was afraid that if he couldn’t fix it, it would cause me more pain and problems. He said that since he hadn’t done the first surgery on that knee, he wouldn’t know exactly what was going on in my knee or how the surgery would be performed. I trusted him so much that I said, let’s go for it. It was a long surgery and my incision was 13 inches, as compared to a normal incision at 6 inches. He had to open in up all the way in order to remove the old knee, cut off some bone, and attach a new knee. It was sore for a few days, but again, a therapist came to my house to work with me. Over the few weeks that I worked with her, she was able to get me back to full range of motion, I could bend it to about 155. Eventually it stopped hurting and I was able to get up from a couch again without any help. Now, I can walk up the stairs with no problems and am able to bike and pedal all the way around.

Please, if you’re having pain, at least to meet with Dr. Comfort. He has a very gentle bedside manner, his staff is wonderful, kind, and caring and they are there for you throughout the complete process.

He has changed my life not once, but twice and he will always be my doctor for orthopedic work

Thank you Dr. Comfort and all of you that work with him.