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September 13, 2016

Deb Y.

This summer, after years of arthritic pain and Cortisone shots, I finally summoned up the courage to have my shoulders replaced.  I can’t begin to thank Dr. Kelly enough. I knew within a day of the surgery that things were going to eventually get better.  It was amazing!  Within just two weeks, I wanted to get the other shoulder done.  Dr. Kelly agreed to do the other one 7 weeks later.  I teasingly say it’s like a miracle, but in a way, it truly is.  For me it’s been life changing.  I’m down to just 2 Advil a day – which I can’t believe.  The weird cracking sounds I could hear in my body are GONE!  I’m able to clean my house, get dressed, and do all sorts of things that were so painful before.  The best thing of all – I can sleep comfortably again!  What a difference.  I would recommend Dr. Kelly to anyone. He and his PA, Lindsey Anderson, are excellent – not just for the surgery itself, but for all the follow up.  I have really benefitted from the Twin Cities Orthopedics EXCEL program.