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March 21, 2012

Diane P.

I highly recommend Dr. Owen O’Neill at Twin Cities Orthopedics. Dr. O’Neill has a lot of experience in the new direct anterior hip replacement procedure. He gained my trust by taking the necessary time to honestly answer my questions. I had surgery in December. I went home after two nights in the hospital. I did not need to go to a nursing home transitional care unit nor did I need outpatient physical therapy. This was a huge cost and time savings. I quit using a walker and cane the second day I was home. I drove after ten days and I had my right hip replaced. I had no pain, just incision soreness and leg muscle stiffness. My leg muscles were weak due to avoiding walking for the past two years because of hip pain. I work in a transitional care unit in a nursing home and I see the people who had complications with hip replacement surgery. I put surgery off way too long. Today, I would not think twice if I need my left hip replaced. And – the surgeon will be Dr. O’Neill.