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November 21, 2017

Jan P.

I had my first appointment with Dr. Kelly and his staff today. I was specifically looking for a surgeon with shoulder fellowship training of which there are very few in the Twin City area. I was immediately pleased to meet his P.A. , Lindsey. She was friendly, casual yet very professional and seemed interested in me and my history and the symptoms that brought me to their facility. I then got to meet Dr. Kelly and his scribe and secretary, Kaici. Dr. Kelly was very friendly and interested in allowing me to tell my history and what I was hoping to achieve in this visit. I was impressed with his casual yet concerned attitude. He described everything he planned to do for me that day, introduced me to Kaici and the Orthopedic fellow in training he had with him. I never felt rushed at any time. I felt like I was acknowledged as an individual and treated with respect and understanding at all times. Although I have had shoulder injections by other doctors before, I never had an Ultrasound to look at the shoulder and the major tendons, bursa, muscles and skeletal structure before. He explained very clearly what damage he found and explained why I had the symptoms I had. He used that Ultrasound to guide his needle in placing the local anesthetic and after an appropriate amount of time he then placed the steroid injection with no pain only a sense of pressure. I have never been more comfortable with this type of injection as I was today. He made sure I was comfortable at all times which I appreciated very much. I felt I received high quality care from Dr. Kelly and that it was delivered in a personal, profession yet very friendly manner. I had some questions regarding pre-op teaching and Kaici took time from her schedule to help me by getting the information to me. She, also was very friendly and it was apparent to me as a retired RN with 35 years experience, that Kaici and Lindsey really enjoyed working with Dr. Kelly. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a shoulder or elbow specialist that they come to see Dr. Kelly. They will not be disappointed.