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December 12, 2016

Janell H.

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My husband and I cannot say enough about the care my husband received from Dr. Cammack after Matt had a motorcycle accident in 2007 that shattered his Talus and Tibia bones, one on each leg disabling him for quite a few months. Dr. Cammack was kind, professional and definitely an expert in ankle surgery. My husband was told by another doctor before seeing Dr. Cammack that he would never walk normally again, and Dr. Cammack put his bones back together, enabling him to not only walk, but to compete in auto racing within a short amount of time! We cannot thank Dr. Cammack enough!! Though it’s been almost 10 years, we know Dr. Cammack’s care was one of the main reasons that my husband has gone on to not only walk completely normal, but participate in mountain biking, auto racing, and skate skiing, among other activities. What a blessing! Thank you, again, Dr. Cammack for your care and expertise!