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May 27, 2015


“I owe many thanks to Dr. Nemanich for my two new ACLs. 15 months ago I blew out both ACLs skiing. I was afraid I’d never ski the same way again. 2 weeks later I had bilateral ACL replacement surgery (also removed some hardware from previous surgery) and was out for the season. What a helpless feeling! I was like a turtle stuck on its back. I thought I’d never get back to walking normal, let alone skiing again. I’m an avid mountain biker and skier; I did not want to lose any ability to do the things I love. I was lightly biking on a stationary bike within 3 months and riding the local mountain bike trails in 5 months. 7 months later I rode hard without fear and without braces. Biking made my knees feel great! 650 miles of trail riding and 2 hours of physical therapy a day really helped my progress. But what about skiing? That was my main concern. I skied as much as possible this season, hoping for the best, wondering if the knees would hold out. I’m happy to say I put in over 500k vertical feet. I skied locally and also visited Vail, Keystone, A-Basin, Breck, Beaver Creek, Grand Targhee, and Jackson Hole. I’ve never put on more miles on my bike or more vertical feet skiing in one season ever before. And I was able to do this thanks to Dr. Joe Nemanich. He gave me the confidence, advice, and support to come back just as strong as I was before my surgery. Do your physical therapy, think positive, and work hard toward your goals. You CAN come back stronger!”