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July 19, 2018

Jim E.

Dr. Knowlan,

Good morning, I stopped by your office in Stillwater yesterday. I was in the area and wanted to express my extreme pleasure on the outcome of my hip replacement your team performed in January of this year.  I was able to tell the staff up front about complete satisfaction.

Everything I was told before my operation was spot on and beyond my expectations. Everyone on your team gave 110% and I am extremely grateful for the outcome.

Prior to surgery I was unable to sit comfortably and when getting on my motorcycle I witnessed a lot of pain trying to lift my leg over the frame. I no longer have this pain and now can sit comfortably, can now lift my knee to bend over to my other knee with out any discomfort.

Another bonus is I can now walk more upright and without the pain I previously had. It is very nice to be able to take a speed walk with my wife without experiencing a fair level of discomfort/pain!

Also, I was very impressed with your visit the night of my surgery….even with the snow storm.

In closing, thank you and your great team for the wonderful outcome of my surgery . I am very grateful to be able to get back to doing things I didn’t think I would ever be able to do again!


Jim E.