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May 8, 2013


Hi Dr. Larson and care team, and Emily Beyers!

I have been thanking you all every day since the surgery was performed, but these past weeks I felt the need to reach out and send you some photos of some of my most recent activities out here in Oregon to share my joy and my awe at being here. Just today I hiked 6 miles and 1400 ft elevation on one of the local mountain trails. I am going to the Desolation Wilderness in Calif in Mid July and am “training” to climb Mt McLaughlin with new friends in August- its about 9600 ft. The photos enclosed show my first few hikes here in Oregon, which I took in the first week of June- they seem pretty easy now!

I can’t thank-you all enough, but I’m trying… every hike I carry you all with me. I’m working on the internal and external rotation, plus basic core strengthening and continued pelvic stability exercises. My PT says I’m doing great- my new goal was to hike 10 miles, and I’m already at 7, so I changed the goal to hiking Mt McLaughlin.Ha ha!

I hope you are all well and getting some great summer time in, and if you EVER wondered about your vocation, please take a look at these photos and accept the gratitude and joy I send you.