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October 16, 2015

Mary S.

I had a minimally invasive right anterior hip replacement on 10/16/2015 by Dr. O’Neill. It is truly a miracle for which I am very grateful. For the first time in over 18 months, I am walking without pain. I have a range of motion that amazes me.

I had polio as a 9 year old and had 3 surgeries on both legs and feet and now have worn bilateral leg braces for 16 years because I have post-polio syndrome. I was fearful of more surgery and I think even the Excel staff was leery of my disabilities but I can safely say that I have made it through the surgery in excellent shape. The first time I stood up in the recovery room I knew the pain was gone!

I highly recommend this surgery to anyone who needs a new hip! I also highly recommend Dr. O’Neill and all the staff at TCO including Eileen, Alyssa, & Jessie. The Excel nurses and PTs were also terrific. All of my appointments were timely and the front desk staff are wonderful. Dr. O’Neill is very kind and thorough and humorous and I am so thankful for him. I am a RN and have been for 40 years and we nurses are very discerning and sometimes we aren’t the best patients, but this was a truly remarkable experience for me and my husband.