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December 6, 2017

Matt C.

Hello, My name is Matt C.  Yesterday afternoon I brought my father, Jeff C. to TCO Edina for an appointment with Dr. Seybold.

Approx. 20 years ago, my father was in an accident, resulting in a severe distal tib / fib fracture.  He had received 3 different surgeries to repair his leg.  The past few years, he has had increased pain and lack of mobility. My dad is a very active person, and it has been sad to see him not doing things he enjoys.

A few weeks ago, when we called to make an appointment for a consult, the person on the phone taking the info, was very professional and answered questions about insurance coverage.  I was very pleased with the short wait time to get in for an appointment. Yesterday when we arrived, we were greeted at the door with courteous smiles. We proceeded to the desk, again were greeted with smiles and direction for patient admission. The admission staff were very patient with my dad and answered many questions he had. They were very helpful in assisting him filling out registration information.

We were then greeted by the PA, who brought us directly to an exam room. He listened to our story and showed high levels of empathy. He talked to us about our concerns and listened well about my dad’s increased pain and lack of mobility over the past years.

Next we had brief meeting with the X-Ray tech, who was very polite and professional when repeating my dad’s films.

We had a very short wait until Dr. Seybold and his PA came into the room. Dr. Seybold introduced himself to myself and my dad in a very caring way. Dr. Seybold talked to us about different surgical interventions and pros and cons to each. He asked us questions, and listened to our answers. As well as answered all of our questions. He never talked down to us, and talked to us in a manor for us to understand. He made sure we were all on the same page with the information he was giving us. He never made us feel rushed when visiting with us. When he left the room, we felt so so good about the choices we were given and our next steps in my dad’s surgical process. We were given papers and contact info of who to contact with any questions as well as to make an appointment.

Upon leaving TCO, were treated so so well. All the staff were kind and professional. I never felt as they were caring for a patient or a customer, but felt as they were taking care of their own family member.

I myself have been working in healthcare for over 20 years. I have been in hundreds of hospitals and clinics. In my opinion, TCO has the absolute best customer care I have ever seen. I am very pleased to making an appointment soon to get the help my dad needs.  Thank you so so much for taking care of our needs.