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January 9, 2018

Megan T.

Anterior Approach Hip Replacement January 2017:  I met with Dr O’Neill in regard to hip pain. The pain was causing me to be unable to play tennis and I was trying to manage pain during everyday activities such as going up/down stair, getting out of the car, etc.  Once we determined the pain was starting to interfere with my lifestyle at the age of 52, Dr. O’Neill recommended hip replacement surgery.  NO REGRETS!!  Since no muscle is torn in this procedure, my recovery time was excellent.  I stayed over one night in a rehab center, went home, was on pain medication for several days and then was able to manage pain with Tylenol and Advil.  I did not require a walker for more than one day, was able to use a cane 2 days after surgery, go upstairs, and get in/out of a car.  My pain prior to surgery was GONE!  Amazingly, 7 short weeks after surgery I was back playing tennis.  My coach and team could not believe the difference in my mobility.  After watching me limp around and hop on one foot for over a year, I was back to playing tennis with no limitations!  Dr. O’Neill and his staff at TCO were a pleasure to work with.  I felt well prepared on what to expect going into surgery and was simply amazed and pleased with my recovery time post-surgery.  I have talked to other hip replacement patients and realize how fortunate I was to find Dr. O’Neill and the staff at TCO.  To have someone perform the surgery on my hip with as much experience and expertise as Dr. O’Neill was truly a blessing.  The care I was given before, during, and after surgery has been truly exceptional.  I will be forever grateful to Dr. O’Neill, his staff and TCO.  Should I need any type of orthopedic assistance in the future, rest assured I will go to TCO!