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May 31, 2016

Pennie K.

Outstanding bedside care. His staff is equally fantastic. I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Olmsted and the carpal tunnel release method he performed via endoscopy instead of open surgery on the hand/wrist. It literally changed my life! I suffered so badly from carpal tunnel that I could not sleep for even an hour straight in any position without numbing, tingling and pain in my hands and wrists. The very night of the surgery on just one hand, I slept like a baby and less than a week later had the other hand done and now I really sleep completely sound rarely waking up at all. The surgery instantly cured the numbing and pain. It is an amazing relief to a very painful condition, and bonus that it is a very easy recovery. I was able to use my hands same day even after surgery, however with caution on pressure and weight. I golfed 6 weeks later with no pain and no issues. If you are contemplating this surgery because of the same symptoms, Dr. Olmsted said to me, “The pain of surgery & recovery is so minimal, almost minute compared to the pain you have living with carpal tunnel.” I could not agree more, or recommend anyone more!