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August 19, 2016

Randy W.

Randy Wittman, former NBA player and coach, had been experiencing continual knee and hip pain for 20-plus years before he came to Twin Cities Orthopedics’ Brian O’Neill. Dr. O’Neill performed hip surgery for Randy, and then a knee replacement 6 weeks later.

With help from TCO’s EXCEL Program and Dr. O’Neill, Randy was able to return to his regular lifestyle, traveling, playing golf, and walking without pain. “I’ve gone through a lot of surgeries—back, three knee replacement operations—and the EXCEL Program was the best. It wasn’t like being in a hospital. I went from the surgery to a private suite, and was connected to a nurse for the whole process of both my hip and kneethat nurse is like a sister to me now,” says Wittman. “And for insurance and billing, you get one bill. That’s it, at the end of the process. It made everything so much easier for me to use the EXCEL Program.”

*Randy Wittman’s story was featured in the September ’16 Issue of MPLS St. Paul Magazine. See more here