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April 12, 2016

Ron P.

I had problems with my knee for some time. St. Croix Orthopedics provided knee care, keeping me as pain free as possible. I knew that knee replacement was going to necessary at some point. I am glad that I was under the care of Dr. Peterson when the time came to have my knee replaced. I was very pleased with the professional manner and the care I received while working with him. He took the time to make sure I was well prepared and understood the surgery procedure before my knee replacement. His nurse assistant was very helpful making sure we had all my other health issues addressed that were going on with my life at the time so the surgery could happen as scheduled. The surgery went very well. Dr. Peterson did an excellent job. My recovery was short, was back to work in six weeks, and golfing shortly after that. I have no pain in the knee and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Dr. Peterson to anyone who is having knee pain and requiring a doctor’s care.