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February 28, 2012

Sally N.

Sally Ness had a 2 year history of back pain following a car accident. She was referred to Med-X Neck and Back Therapy at Twin Cities Orthopedics to help her “be her best, again.””The Med-X treatment relieved me of the persistent back pain I was experiencing. I had already completed two treatments of physical therapy that helped but did not eliminate the pain. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor refer me to Paul Biewen, MD who prescribed Med-X treatment.The Med-X treatment delivered by therapist Kari Cox, PT along with the series of stretching and strengthening exercises that Kari had me complete relieved me of my back pain. My son Dylan was also referred to Dr. Biewen and is now in Med-X treatment. The Med-X treatment has relieved him of pain and is teaching him how to maintain a healthy back by properly stretching various muscles, especially his hamstrings and strengthening various muscles, especially his lower back.”