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June 22, 2017

Sten F.

I had my second Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery done by Dr. David Palmer just this past May. I was so pleased with the patient care that I received but most of all with Dr. Palmer. I cannot believe how good I feel now just 7 weeks post op. I tend to be an active person and my job is an active job being the Ski coach here at NMU. I am on my feet most of the fall and winter, testing skis and standing for hours on end at the wax table. Before my hip resurfacing it was difficult to even tie my ski boots and get in and out of ski bindings. I feel almost reborn, tying shoes and getting in and out of bindings is now longer an issue, I’m only 7 weeks post op and getting on my road bike and biking feels awesome! I feel so fortunate to have this healthy feeling once again and to be able to be active again with biking and skiing and walking my dogs feels awesome. I can think about starting to run in about another 6 months, trail running is something I have not been able to do for a long time, I won’t be as fast as I once was but I really don’t care, it will just be an awesome feeling to be able to explore new trails once again and skiing for sure this winter will be once again a pleasure to do, this next season i won’t need help getting my bindings on or off, YES! I would recommend to all and anyone to see Dr. Palmer, he’s just an awesome guy!

See you on the trails!

Sten F.
Head ski team Coach
Northern Michigan University