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February 9, 2018

Steve H.

Amazing! Unbelievable! It is hard to find the words to describe my positive experience with Dr. O’Neill and my anterior hip replacement. For a few years, I called it a pulled muscle (and a few other things) until an x-ray revealed that it was my hip causing all the pain. I met with two hip surgeons, but was not willing to face a 4-8 week recovery as had many of my friends. My wife suggested that I talk with our neighbor Karen who, a few years ago, had this procedure done by Dr. O’Neill. After one conversation with her, I was convinced. Even though he was running late that day, my consultation with him was one of the most personal visits I have ever had with a physician. Within two months, I had the surgery. I spent one night in the hospital, went home to recover, and used 2 out of 50 pain pills. Day one, I used a walker. Day two, I used a cane. Day three, I was walking without assistance. Day eight, I was driving. Day nine, I was back to work. Amazing? Unbelievable? What word would you use? Thank you, Dr. O’Neill, and your “amazing” team. I feel blessed that my wife connected me to Karen as I now hope to bless and to connect many more people to you.