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May 1, 2018

Susan W.

My hip issue developed rather suddenly. I fell from standing twice and then could bear little weight on my left side. The first MD I saw suggested that I buy a car with a higher seat. My physician referred me to an orthopedist and scheduled an MRI which showed non-displaced fractures, tearing and necrosis. Surgery was necessary. I read about my options. When asked specifically about the minimally invasive technique, the first orthopedist said that I was “too fat”. I asked for a second opinion and was scheduled to meet Dr. Owen O’Neill who stated that he now prefers to perform minimally invasive procedures because of a patient’s improved recovery time. Dr. O’Neill patiently addressed all of my questions and concerns and I was scheduled for surgery in a hospital. I had had my wisdom teeth extracted decades before, but was otherwise inexperienced in the surgical arena. Dr. O’Neill was very reassuring and I felt confident in his care. I was up and walking later that day and took a midnight hike with my nurse. I was discharged the following day, encountered no subsequent problems and recovered smoothly over the next three months. I’ve been available to shovel snow much too late in the season and have returned to Curves. I need to excuse myself now to dust off my golf clubs and put air in my bike tires. I would recommend Dr. O’Neill, his PA Jesse Donovan and Ann, the power behind the telephone, without reservation.