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April 23, 2018

Tim S.

Back in 2009 I had a total shoulder replacement done at a facility in North Dakota. After 9 years of feeling like a rockstar I was driving my car one day and heard and felt a click in that shoulder. Knowing something broke I returned to that doctor and had an X-ray done. My humerus ball set screw had fractured in half. I was scheduled for surgery but found out he was outside of my network. I began my search for a surgeon who could do this shoulder revision. All the doctors were willing to do it until they saw my X-ray. After hearing no from 8 different doctors closer to my home in west central Minnesota, I ended up calling Twin Cities Orthopedics. Within a half hour I had an appointment with Dr. Allan Hunt who said he was going to do it. I appreciate the prompt, courteous, and confident treatment I received from Dr Hunt. He was able to fix the train wreck of a shoulder I had. I highly recommend Dr. Hunt, he does not shy away from a challenge, he did the research, came up with various options, was prepared for everything when he got in there! Thank you Dr. Hunt and TCO!!