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March 24, 2016

Tom N.

I didn’t need to view my x-rays to know that my knees were totally worn out. A lifetime spent snowshoeing and hiking into the shack, maintaining a huge country yard, and 33 years of outdoor employment in a physically demanding heavy industry told me that something had to be done. I was in constant pain, fun activities had become a burden, and I could no longer perform my job. Knowing that knee replacements were inevitable, I paid close attention to the conversations of friends, co-workers, and their spouses concerning knee replacement surgery. Some were happy with their results, but I heard far too many stories of surgeries gone bad… infections and knees having to be done two or even three times. I didn’t like what I was hearing.

Then I started hearing reports about Twin Cities Orthopedics and their Fairview facility in Wyoming, MN and, in particular, the great work that Dr. Thomas Comfort was performing. After observing how well two co-workers were doing after having their knees replaced by Dr. Comfort, I was interested. When my girlfriend insisted on having her knee replaced by Dr. Comfort and seeing the excellent results, I knew where I was going to have my knees replaced and by whom. My mind was finally made up, and I was totally at ease on the day of my surgeries knowing that I could put my complete confidence in Dr. Comfort and his staff of David, Molly, John, Kent and countless others who made my stay in the Wyoming facility seem more like a vacation at a health spa than a stay in a hospital. From the volunteers to billing, and from scheduling to food service, I was pampered ‘round the clock. I actually looked forward to my second surgery. It was a 100% positive experience.

Physical therapy went so well that my therapist cut the number of my appointments in half. I now have nice straight legs and no longer walk like a duck. No longer do I cuss when I forget something downstairs or across the yard. I simply walk back and get it! I never dreamed that my knees could turn out so well, and I owe it all to the skill of Dr. Comfort and the caring professionals of Twin Cities Orthopedics.