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May 27, 2017

Valerie Z.

I was kicked by a horse on February 14th and ended up with a tibial plateau fracture. I could have opted to “fix” that or have a knee replacement, Dr Arntson was very informative about the pros and cons of my options and i scheduled a minimally invasive knee replacement with him on March 21st. I was insistent on the best care as I was determined to be back riding horse again for the spring, summer and fall season. I was not disappointed. The surgery and the therapy all went well. I drove myself to my first physical therapy session (this was a right knee replacement) one day short of four weeks after my surgery. This is not recommended but my ride to therapy fell through. I was able to quit the prescription pain medication less than 2 weeks after surgery and soon after that quit taking the Tylenol. The first week in May I was able to ride horse for the first time since getting kicked, I quit wearing the TED stockings and pretty much resumed my normal schedule with no residual pain and no limp whatsoever. I still have a long way to go to build my stamina/endurance back up again as I was pretty much non-weight bearing on my right leg between getting kicked and the surgery but i couldn’t be happier with my progress and my results. I have a shoulder that needs attention also and I already warned Dr.Arntson that I will be making an appointment with him once horse riding season in MN is coming to an end this year.