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May 30, 2017

Wanda P.

Dr. Arntson performed anterior total hip replacement on my left hip at the end of March. I was amazed at how well I felt when I was able to walk on it only several hours after surgery (with the aid of a walker). I went home the next day. The PT at home was “walk, walk, walk,” and that’s exactly what I did. In less than a week I was using a cane to help get around. I had no pain in that hip the entire time. At my two week checkup Dr. Arntson told me that I could move my leg in any direction I wished, including crossing my legs. Something I wasn’t expecting to be able to do for another month or two. I was amazed at how there were no restrictions after two weeks. Walking, stairs, stationary bike, etc. only limited to my tolerance for any activity. That made a difference in healing. My recovery time was so much less than I thought it would be.

Dr. Arntson is very kind and caring. I had other health issues of which he was very accommodating, making sure I would be as comfortable as possible. I appreciated that very much. Sometimes it’s the little things that help make the big things not seem so frightening. I had no fears going into surgery, I felt I was in great hands, and I was. He is a considerate and compassionate person. His concern is sincere. He listened to all of my questions and respectfully provided me with answers to each one. He has a great beside manner and a wonderful sense of humor.

Words can not express how much I appreciated such a kind, caring, compassionate, skilled and experienced surgeon. My experience was remarkable and the care I received exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Arntson.

Oh, the places I can go and the things I can do!