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Aaron Solseth, MPT

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Aaron Solseth, MPT, approaches orthopedic dysfunction from a manual therapy perspective. He wants to find and treat the joint and tissue deficits wherever they may be in the system. His priority is normalizing the joint and tissue mechanics and then showing clients ways to continue to engage these normalized mechanics. Concurrently he also is looking for the sources of this dysfunction, so they can be treated as well. Sometimes the ultimate cause of the pain or restriction is a localized issue and at times it can be due to more global factors. The ultimate goal is to help improve the pain or dysfunction, and give the patient tools to continue to treat these deficits on their own. Aaron enjoys helping clients achieve their goals and partnering with individuals to keep them healthy and active.


Master of Physical Therapy, Marquette University (2003)
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology (2001)

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