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June 9, 2020 - TCO

Trusted Care, Waconia Approved: Real Patients Share Their Stories

Our Waconia Story is all thanks to you. 

The reason we opened up an orthopedic clinic in Waconia many years ago was because you demanded expert care reach all corners of the metro. You’ve invested in the community, and made it an incredible place to raise a family. You’ve partnered with us on the sidelines, leading to strong relationships throughout the region.

Most importantly, you’ve continued to trust TCO with your care. Now, thanks to you, there’s a world-class therapy and sports performance facility right here in Waconia.

From busy moms, to team captains, we get to work with incredible people from all walks of life, every single day. Thanks to people like Kalah and Katie, the Waconia Story just keeps getting better.

Kalah’s Story

Kalah (kay-luh) had just been named a team captain of her volleyball team when she injured her knee. Surgery would have ended her special season before it ever began. Luckily, TCO gave her another option:

Katie’s Story

Simply put, Katie loves to run. She’s always been active, and between hitting the trail with her dog and running around with a busy family, she’s always on her feet. Hip surgery slowed her down, but TCO helped get her back in action.

TCO Waconia Therapy & Performance

We’re grateful for the opportunity to keep supporting the community, taking care of your loved ones, fueling your championship teams, and growing alongside you.

Waconia, the next chapter of orthopedics and sports medicine is here. And it’s in your backyard.

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