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St. Louis Park – Therapy

About Twin Cities Orthopedics St. Louis Park – Therapy

Twin Cities Orthopedics St. Louis Park – Therapy offers physical therapy, hand therapy, and Health Quotient direct to employer services.

Whether you’ve suffered an injury, are coming back from a surgery, or are simply looking to perform at the highest level in your sport, the board-certified physical therapists at TCO St. Louis Park create customized treatment plans for optimum results.

With innovative technology and equipment, TCO St. Louis Park is equipped to serve your every need. Our goal is to provide high quality, evidence-based therapy services within a friendly, communal environment to help our patients best achieve a full return to their normal function and prior lifestyle.

Physical Therapy

To learn more about Physical Therapy at TCO, click here.

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Health Quotient

Health Quotient, powered by TCO, is a direct-to-employer health and wellness service with a track record of producing measurable results. Offering on-site screenings, assessments, and coaching, our experts help office professionals, industrial workers, and tactical athletes get back to their duties quickly, safely, and at 100%.

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Personal Training & Fitness Classes

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