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Performance Tips: Prevent baseball throwing injuries

March 4, 2019 - TCO

Performance Tips: Prevent baseball throwing injuries

Throwing, especially in baseball, puts a lot of strain on the body. Whether it’s a 12-6 curve from the pitcher’s mound or a crow hop from the warning track, the arm is enduring incredible force, making it imperative to properly protect against injuries.

At TCO, we take baseball injury and prevention very seriously. Throwing a ball is one of the most stressful things an athlete can do to their body, and our Return to Throwing Program will help athletes improve their performance through strength and conditioning exercises, as well as monitoring their symptoms through things like pitch counts.

3 tips for baseball pitchers

  1. Pitch Count. Follow these simple pitch count guidelines from the Pitch Smart Compliance Program.
  2. We recommend 3-4 consecutive months away from competitive pitching every year. During this time, play another sport or work on overall athleticism, strength, and conditioning.
  3. Proper Training. Follow a comprehensive training program, which should include pre-season, in-season, and post-season. The program should be developed and monitored by a certified athletic trainer, physical therapist, and/or strength and conditioning coach with expertise in baseball care.

In addition to our comprehensive Return to Throwing Program, we offer a number of Sports Performance programs for athletes of all sports and levels of competition.

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