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Brian T. O’Neill, MD

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Orthopedic Surgery, Board Certified Sports Medicine Subspecialty Certification Area of Focus in Direct Anterior Hip Replacement & Knee Replacement


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Areas of Focus

Hip Care
Knee Care

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Practice Overview

Brian O’Neill, MD, FAAOS, limits his practice to hip and knee reconstructive surgery, focusing primarily on knee and hip replacement surgery. Dr. O’Neill attended the Mayo Medical School, and completed his orthopedic residency at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine.

He has performed thousands of knee and hip replacement surgeries over the last 30 years and has extensive experience in Direct Anterior Hip Replacement surgery, having successfully completed over 3,500 of these operations. Dr. O’Neill currently teaches Direct Anterior Hip Replacement surgery to visiting orthopedic surgeons from the upper Midwest, and he is the medical director of the North Memorial Heath Joint Replacement Center. Additionally, he participates in the Level 1 Trauma program at North Memorial Health. Dr. O’Neill holds a subspecialty certification in Sports Medicine from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Clinical Interest

Hip care, including direct anterior hip replacement and knee replacement surgery

Knee care, including knee joint replacement


Board Certified, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
Subspecialty Certification in Sports Medicine

Mayo Clinic

Medical Degree
Mayo Clinic

Hospital & Surgery Center Affiliations

Crosstown Surgery Center
Maple Grove Hospital
North Memorial Maple Grove Same-day Surgery Center
North Memorial Medical Center*
Orthopedic Institute

Professional Affiliations

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American Association of Hip & Knee Surgeons
Director of North Memorial Joint Replacement Center (2008 – Present)
Mid-America Orthopaedic Association
Minnesota Orthopaedic Society

Achievements & Awards

Voted “Top Doctor” in Minnesota Monthly Magazine (2016, 2018 – 2020)
Dr. O’Neill was recognized by Medtronic Advanced Energy as a 2013 Advanced Energy Surgeon of the Year.

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Jennifer Greseth, PA-C

Jennifer Greseth, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant

Patient Testimonials

March 13, 2023

Kathy P.

I had knee and hip replacements by Dr. O’Neill, could not ask for a better doctor or a kinder person. I recommend him to those I know who need this type of surgery.

December 3, 2022

Brian R.

Dr. O’Neill performed my total knee replacement and 1.5 years later, I could not be happier. He performed a flawless surgery and as a result, I can walk and lightly run now. I am 100% pain free and walk endlessly almost every day. The TCO post-surgery and physical therapy was of the highest quality and I attribute my ability to walk again with these folks too. I had an extremely favorable experience with Dr. O’Neill and the TCO team. I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing knee or hip issues.

March 25, 2022

Gregory M.

I would like to share my experience at TCO and with the EXCEL Program. I had a full knee replacement on Dec. 22nd and I would like to thank everyone who’s helped me along the way. Thanks to Danica for all of the help she provided via phone to get the ball rolling. The EXCEL Program staff, starting with Nate, made my surgery a smooth process. Thank you to Dr. Brian O’Neill who provided excellent care. To the staff in the recovery area, thank you for starting me on my road to recovery. From there I started my PT and was so pleased from day one. My PT, Brittney, gave me the understanding and all of the tools I need for the best recovery. I understood it was up to me to complete the PT in order succeed. Thank you for pressing me to do my best, even when I ate a little humble pie. Brittney helped me understand the pain process as I was healing. She was always a positive person, challenging me to do better with different exercises. Thank you, Brittney. I know with the care that I have received through this process, I will succeed.

March 18, 2021

Alan J.

Dr. O’Neill is the MAN! You are in good hands with him.

August 13, 2020

Jean B.

Total left knee replacement on July 23, 2020. Dr. Brian O’Neill did a fantastic surgery! I let his team know that I could not handle narcotics, without getting severely sick after surgery. They took that information and decided that they would do a spinal on me instead. I said YES! It will be three weeks this Thursday, and all I’ve used was Tylenol and ibuprofen, and now I’m down to Tylenol when needed. Dr. O’Neill is very professional, very kind, a great listener and made me feel calm. The staff he has is also great, answering any questions I had before and after surgery. My bandage was removed after one week, and the incision looked the best I’ve ever seen. They did a great job stitching me up and I’m already ahead of the game with therapy. There’s less and less pain each day, but it’s good pain as some therapy can be harsh but is well worth it. I can’t say enough about Dr. O’Neill and his God given talent!

November 21, 2019


Dr. O’Neill and TCO were recommended to me and I am so thankful! His procedure didn’t cut any muscles and I was back to work as a full time bartender after 5 weeks without any issues. I was cleared because he said what I gave you is better than you ever had and you won’t screw it up. I am 53, 6ft 4in, 280lbs. My rehab was to just walk. I walked a lot. By the second week I was walking 4 blocks, 3 times a day. Now I’m breaking up 2 miles into 4 walks. I’m a big dude and not in the best shape. Hip pain was awful and he and his staff worked with me and my insurance. I never do these reviews but Dr. O’Neill changed my life. Innovative and full service situation. Simply awesome.

May 3, 2019

Jill E.

I had torn my left meniscus in December 2017 and discovered I had no cartilage and I was filled with arthritis. In January 2018, I had surgery to try and take the rough edges off my meniscus but it was unrepairable. I had never had any knee trouble prior to this. Then in February 2018, my right knee started really hurting, I found out it too had no cartilage and was filled with arthritis. In just a few months, I went from exercising and living an active life, to being completely immobile and being in constant pain. Every step I took felt like a knife was going through my knees. I could barely make it through my work day, let alone anything else. I couldn’t even go grocery shopping without coming home in tears. I would spend my nights and weekends sitting on the couch doing nothing but watching TV and becoming more and more depressed. Then, in September, I tore my right meniscus. I didn’t think it could get any worse. I was told I needed two knee replacements but several doctors told me they wouldn’t do the surgery until I was in my 60’s. Then I found Dr. O’Neill, and he changed my life! He performed a double knee replacement in February 2019. I was able to leave the hospital on day 3 and go home (not to a rehab facility like we thought). I climbed the stairs and was able to sleep in my own bed! Within one month, I was walking my dog for over a mile every day, going for bike rides, and had a range of motion better than most people that have never had a knee replacement! My mental health has never been better, I feel like a new person and am grateful for every day. I enjoy waking up and living my day. I was able to attend my daughters college graduation with pure joy and no fear of how far I had to walk. Dr. O’Neill will never know how much I appreciate how much he did for me mentally as well as physically. He literally gave me my life back.

March 27, 2019

Peter H.

As an athlete my entire life, I found running to be my passion. After completing 10 Chicago Marathons, I accomplished my running goals in my life, but I had the desire to run just one more marathon at the age of 50. With the intense training over the years, my body was starting to take its toll. I was experiencing, what I thought, a sciatic nerve issue in my lower back. After two years of discomfort, I consulted with Dr. Brian O’Neill and was told I needed a full right hip replacement. A little shocked and not sure what to think, Dr. O’Neill explained to me that it wasn’t the end of being active and healthy. It was hard to hear the news that my running days may be over.

A little over a week after turning 50 on February 9th, I had a full right hip replacement on February 18th….my 50th birthday present to myself! 🙂 Encouraged by my family, friends, the great people of TCO, along with Dr. Brian O’Neill…I worked hard to recover as quickly as I could. Following their guidelines and recovery care, I’ve managed to walk and strengthen myself to the point that the TCO staff and Dr. O’Neill have been impressed with how quickly I’ve been moving. “A speedier recovery than most”.

It’s now been 5 1/2 weeks since my surgery and I’m walking in full motion, enjoying my ability to walk without pain and discomfort. Although I’ve been told that my running days are over, the idea of running again still looms in my mind. Desire and passion are two strengths in every athlete, but I know that my overall health outweighs risking injury.

My comeback is one of mental toughness that has been supported by the TCO staff and Dr. Brian O’Neill. They understood my disappointment after wanting to run again, but they encouraged me to stay mentally strong. Although it’s not running again…the idea of walking, golfing, biking, swimming and so many more active things I share with my family and friends is what I look forward to. I owe that to Dr. Brian O’Neill and his staff for their desire and passion to keep me mentally strong through my full recovery.

Desire and passion isn’t just for athletes. 50 is the NEW 30!


March 10, 2019

Joshua P.

I have had a rather tough two years. Around April 2017, I started to experience intense pain in my right flute and hamstring when running and bending. I tried to play baseball/softball and run like I normally did, but I struggled severely. I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Hess at TCO Maple Grove, where he took an x-ray of my right hip. He told me right away that my right hip has severe arthritis, and that I would likely need a replacement. He referred me immediately to Dr. Brian O’Neill, who discussed my options. They treated me for a few months with steroid injections, which helped to get me through the next year or so, but eventually, the pain became unbearable (to the point where I could hardly field a ground ball, or even tie my shoes). Dr. O’Neill performed a right hip replacement for me in September 2018, and I shockingly walked out the hospital the next day with the aid of a cane. The nursing staff at the rehab facility in Plymouth, where I had my surgery, were absolutely incredible as well. I was in very little pain throughout the entire time, from surgery through all of my follow-up visits. Since then, I have been able to return to baseball/softball, my rec hockey league, and I am able to bend down to pick up my niece and play with her again. They changed my life for the better, allowing me to be able to return to the activities I love. I cannot thank them enough.

March 8, 2019

Diane M.

I had been a nursing assistant for years, suffered a recurring quad issue that got so bad I was constantly in pain and could hardly walk. I was 54 yet felt 95. I saw Dr. O’Neill, found out I needed both hips replaced, and had my right replaced Sept 27th 2019. He has given me my life back! I walk without pain and no longer limp or lean to the side!! I am having my left hip replaced 4/11/2019 again by this amazing man. After this replacement, I will be 100% a new woman and will be able to feel years younger, totally free of pain and have my life back completely!!! My friends and family can’t believe the change and how I now walk normal. I can’t thank Brian O’Neill and his amazing care team enough!! If you need your hip replaced, he is the best there is and I will always be so grateful for his skills as a surgeon and that I went to him. Thanks for giving me my life back TCO!!!????

January 18, 2019

Dianna K.

I had a left hip replacement in August of 2017 and a right hip replacement in August of 2018. Both were done by Dr. Brian O’Neill using the anterior approach. I can’t say enough about how great the results were. I refused pain meds after the second one because I had recovered so quickly after the first one. Never needed anything but Tylenol/Ibuprofen. I didn’t need a cane after either procedure. I am in my late 60’s so I was excited about the results and that I could do so well so fast! I have recommended him to everyone who approaches me about hip replacement.

August 22, 2018

Jim P.

I had a fantastic experience. I referred a friend already to Dr. O’Neill for a hip replacement. I continue to work with TCO through Steve my trainer and use TCO for my orthopedic needs. The EXCEL Program was just the program I needed for surgery.

August 1, 2018

Stacy L.

I had my first hip replacement in August of 2017 and my second one done in June of 2018. Dr. Brian O’Neill is simply the best of the best. I had so much pain leading up to both surgeries and after both surgeries, I needed no pain meds other than Advil and Tylenol. Dr. O’Neill literally gives you your life back.

June 1, 2018

Kathy S.

Dr. Brian O’Neill did a right anterior hip replacement on May 15, 2018. I woke up with no pain. Only used Tylenol. Within five days was using a cane and within 10 days just walking alone and I am not an exerciser. I like to walk. I would give him a 10 and recommend him and his caring staff.

May 1, 2018

Faye B.

I am still referring friends to Dr. O’Neill. I am like a kid again. After my hip replacement, I have no pain and am feeling terrific. Changed life as I knew it as a young woman. Thanks again Dr. Brian O’Neill.

April 16, 2018

Luella B.

Best knee replacement so far! I’d definitely do it again if I had another knee to replace. Dr. Brian O’Neill replaced both knees and both knees are doing great!

March 14, 2018

Cheryl B.

Met Dr. O’Neill many years ago and he has provided care on both knees from start to finish. Dr O’Neill, Bethany and Jen have been an amazing staff to work with. My life has changed with 2 brand new knees! The physical therapy department, Kyle and Eric were a team that helped me regain my strength and worked with me to get through exercises that were not always pleasant, but necessary to get me back on the road to recovery! I never hesitate to refer students, friends and family to TCO for orthopedic injuries. For any friends with knee issues, I guide them to Dr. Brian O’Neill as the go to doctor! Thank you TCO for a life changing experience.

Sincerely, Cheryl B.

October 28, 2017


I can’t believe how life-changing this procedure was for me. I went from virtually not being able to walk to walking a mile within 10 days of the operation! This is miraculous and I am truly grateful to Dr. Brian O’Neill.

October 11, 2017

Otto N.

Each time I am in Dr. O’Neill’s care, I get the feeling I am his only patient.  He and his entire staff are completely patient centered. You can rest assured that when Dr. O’Neill performs surgery, it will be done perfectly.  He has performed knee and hip replacement surgery on several of my friends and neighbors, and they all feel the same way.

October 1, 2017

Stacey T.

In August 2016, I was having surgery on my ankle at Maple Grove Hospital.  While talking to the nurses, I mentioned that I needed to have knee replacement surgery but wasn’t sure what doctor to go to. They encouraged me to not wait to have knee replacement surgery because having it right away would improve my quality of life. The nurses highly recommended Dr. Brian O’Neill.  After healing from my ankle surgery, I made an appointment to see Dr. O’Neill.  I liked his approach and knew that when the time came that I would have him replace my knees. I had a total right knee replacement on in July, 2017.  I was fortunate to be part of the Excel program.  The nurses and staff at the hospital and Excel program were fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for better care.  I’m happy to report that after 8 weeks, I have returned to my normal routine.  My recovery from knee replacement surgery has far exceeded my expectations, my pain was well managed and I had great range of motion from the very beginning.  I am grateful to Dr. O’Neill and his team.  I still have my left knee to replace and plan to return to Dr. O’Neill when that time comes.

July 21, 2017

Denice H.

My experience with Twin Cities Orthopedics was wonderful. I was unable to work due to my hip and Dr. Brian O’Neill took care of my hip replacement. Surgery was done at West Health surgery. Interlude was great! The whole experience was very organized. EXCEL program was the best. I am now back working.

January 31, 2017

Bill W.

I first met Dr. O’Neill in the Fall of 2014.  I was having problems with my right hip. He did a total anterior hip replacement on Feb. 26th, 2015.

I had grade 4 osteoarthritis diagnosis in my left knee last year from old football injuries. I had a total knee replacement on Dec. 20th.

Both surgeries went well.  The hip was a bit complex as my hip issue stemmed from an osteoid osteoma removed back when I was age 16 (45 years ago). There was a lot of buried scar tissue.

I am so grateful to Dr. O’Neill and his team. The skills and experience of Dr. O’Neill, I believe, compete on a very high level. The service provided to me by him and his team was impeccable. I ask a million questions!

November 8, 2016

Gary R.

I had a hip replacement over 6 years ago and have had problems with the hip ever since.  I went to about ten different orthopedic surgeons to try and figure out what was wrong and nobody could figure out what the problem was.  I went to Dr. O’Neill and he determined what the problem was and performed a hip revision in April 2016.  I still have a little muscle soreness but the hip is much improved from before.  Unfortunately, I was unable to have the anterior approach performed but a number of people I know did have that procedure with Dr. O’Neill and they had excellent results.  Also, the staff at North Memorial were superb.

September 1, 2016

Fred K.

I am another very satisfied patient of Dr. O’Neill‘s. Since my surgery a little over a year ago I have recommended Dr. O’Neill to a half dozen friends who are also in need of a replacement hip. He is the best!

August 19, 2016

Randy W.

Randy Wittman, former NBA player and coach, had been experiencing continual knee and hip pain for 20-plus years before he came to Twin Cities Orthopedics’ Brian O’Neill. Dr. O’Neill performed hip surgery for Randy, and then a knee replacement 6 weeks later.

With help from TCO’s EXCEL Program and Dr. O’Neill, Randy was able to return to his regular lifestyle, traveling, playing golf, and walking without pain. “I’ve gone through a lot of surgeries—back, three knee replacement operations—and the EXCEL Program was the best. It wasn’t like being in a hospital. I went from the surgery to a private suite, and was connected to a nurse for the whole process of both my hip and kneethat nurse is like a sister to me now,” says Wittman. “And for insurance and billing, you get one bill. That’s it, at the end of the process. It made everything so much easier for me to use the EXCEL Program.”

*Randy Wittman’s story was featured in the September ’16 Issue of MPLS St. Paul Magazine. See more here

August 10, 2016

Lyn H.


Bill H., my husband, had a total left knee done in April of 2015 and then he had his right knee done in January of 2016.  He is back on his bicycle and did his first Tour de Tonka last Saturday.  Bill just recently retired from nursing (he had a 40 year career in pulmonary and critical care/trauma) and I am also a nurse, so we understand how extraordinary his experience was and how well he has progressed. As Bill’s wife, I am just thrilled with the outcome of his surgeries.  Dr. O’Neill and his team gave him back his mobility and enhanced his quality of life.

July 11, 2016

Julie Q.

Who’d want to have surgery again?
DON’T point a finger at me
for once was enough
till the pain was so tough
if I had one more hip, I’d do three!

I’m thankful for Dr. O’Neill
who opened me up once before
with a saw and a chisel
my blood, it did drizzle
and my hip, he did then restore!

Oh, hippity doo dah day
the “Sunshine” is bright and intense!
Hip Two has been done
and now I can run
and stand in my own defense!

The tools in the surgeons’ hands
plus such gifted use of recall
since the brains in his head
with “study” were fed
and our God created it all!

Thank you dear Lord for this doc
you’ve so blessed him with talents and gifts
as he’s shared all these skills
one now needs less pills
NO PAIN, thus their spirit uplifts!

A new person I now have become
and old person, not anymore!
This doctor has given
new life that’s now driven
A life that he thus did restore!

A man’s life is much like a river
God can mold it to twist and to turn
If he follows God’s leading
his skills thus exceeding
yet he’s forever still open to learn!

May our focus be less on the material
for all things soon wither and die
but the gifts from above
are given in love
to extend humanity’s cry!

Lord bless this dear doctor his life
and continue to fill and restore
his pep and his skill
along with goodwill
to share with a hundredfold more!

Two hip poems I thus now have written
my surgeries have come to an end
these poems are sincere
about a surgeon’s career
and a surgeon I still recommend!

July 11, 2016

Jennifer K.

I had been seeing Dr. Brian O’Neill for several years for arthritis in my knee. I finally reached the point where it made sense to schedule my TKA surgery, and I was so pleased when Dr. O’Neill suggested the EXCEL Program. Knowing that infection is a serious risk with the surgery, and also knowing that the risk of contracting an infection in the hospital was even higher, I was ecstatic to find out that I could avoid hospitalization altogether. I was also thrilled to be given the opportunity to recuperate in a non-hospital setting that wasn’t a transitional care facility.

The entire experience was positive. The staff was amazing. My primary care nurse, Ashley Swenson, was fantastic. She was supportive and gave me all the information I needed in a way that was respectful and informational. Her care during my stay at the EXCEL suites couldn’t have been better, as well as the PT. I so much appreciated the comfortable environment that didn’t feel like a clinical setting. It was so helpful to have the physical therapy room right across the hall, and to be able to work with the PT during my stay in an environment that was so inviting. Ashley’s discharge instructions were thorough and easy to understand. She was even willing to talk with me and respond to emails following my surgery, which was so appreciated and helpful.

Marni Gorowsky, my EXCEL RN contact, was an absolute angel throughout my recuperation after I left the EXCEL facility. I cannot overly express how incredibly comforting, helpful and essential it was to be able to email Marni throughout my recovery. I had the added hassle and discomfort of coming down with severe bronchitis at the same time, and Marni’s coaching and advice helped me and my husband through some pretty dark hours. She allayed my fears and gave me fantastic direction on how to manage my pain, swelling, anemia and general recovery.

I honestly cannot imagine going through the TKA experience any other way. And, finally, the PT experience at the TCO PT office with Seth Engberg was equally positive. Seth personalized my PT so that I always felt my unique physical abilities were taken into account. I was adamant about increasing my strength and range of motion, and Seth worked with me to find the best exercises that fit my personal goals.

It has been six months since my surgery. While I have to say it was by far the physically most difficult and painful thing I have ever experienced, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I have my full range of motion back, far beyond what I had hoped. My knee is less swollen than it has been in many years. I am virtually pain-free and drug-free. I rarely, if at all, even take an ibuprofen, where it previously was part of my regular “diet” along with much stronger drugs.

I am golfing, biking, walking, and back to work at a much higher level of physical stamina than before. And I do believe that Dr O’Neill’s elegant work and the outstanding care model of the EXCEL Program are largely responsible. I’ve spoken to other TKA patients who did not have any where near the positive recovery experience that I have had.

Thank you Dr. Brian O’Neill, TCO, Ashley, Marni, and Seth! Keep doing what you are doing.

July 11, 2016

Sidney J.

The hip replacement surgery went better than I could have ever expected, just like Dr. O’Neill said it would. Very impressed with every single staff member and the EXCEL Program. It was great. I have referred a friend who took another friend with her. That is how much I believe in your program.

June 1, 2016

Faye B.

I am back again after my second hip replacement with Dr. Brian O’Neill. This is also my second testimonial for him. Although I wasn’t looking for more surgery, I knew my other hip was failing like my right one had done earlier. Once again Dr. O’Neill did an outstanding job. I came home the next day and recovery was a breeze. The pain was gone immediately. His anterior approach makes recovery so much easier. Some of my acquaintances have had the posterior approach and still suffer and hurt. I had my surgery at the Maple Grove Hospital and would also recommend that facility. I highly recommend Dr. O’Neill. Thank you for giving me back the ability to be able to walk and move with ease.

May 27, 2016

Mike D.

I should have written this sooner. It has been almost a year since my hip replacement surgery and I just wanted to say that Dr. Brian O’Neill did an amazing job. His type of hip replacement (anterior approach) is less invasive and thus, I felt, contributed to a quicker recovery time for me. 3-4 hours after surgery I took a short walk with a walker. I was discharged the next day after my physical therapy and went home using only a cane. I took just two weeks off of work (my decision) and was walking without my cane the second day of work. My hip has been great ever since. I am able to walk 18 holes of golf and couldn’t do that before surgery. Before my decision to have hip surgery I was a 62 year-old man walking like a 92 year-old and now I feel as good as new and often wonder why I waited so long.
I also wanted to mention that his coordinator Bethany and all the staff and nurses at Maple Grove Hospital were fantastic. It was a pleasant experience.
In all I highly recommend Dr. O’Neill, his staff, and Maple Grove Hospital.

May 10, 2016

Craig S.

I returned home this morning from my right hip replacement done by Dr. Brian O’Neill yesterday morning. Having already filled out a survey for the entire program and given it high marks in all regards, I felt I needed to give an additional shout out to my Excel nurses, in particular Ashley. 

She is an amazing combination of encouragement, calm and concern. She could handle the “business at hand” and also some light-hearted conversation. She met my wife and daughters who also were impressed with her. She is a definite asset to your program.

Many thanks to all involved in the program, and especially to Ashley, for making my experience a truly awesome one!

April 22, 2016

Angie C.

I had my right knee done March 2nd, 2015, and my left knee March 7th, 2016, at the Maple Grove Hospital. It was a good experience. The whole staff was very caring and helpful in my speedy recovery. I had a positive attitude that everything was going to be okay. I am still doing my exercises daily. Thank you.

February 8, 2016

Janelle K.

I haven’t felt this good in years and finally have my life back. According to my family, friends, and neighbors, my recovery was incredible and amazing. The neighbors saw me walking to the corner when I got the home the day after surgery and around the block the third day after surgery. By the fourth day post-surgery I was shopping with a friend. I used a walker until I came home from that shopping trip, then decided I didn’t need it and went to a cane for a few days. My surgery was June 15; by the middle of July I marched in the Aquatennial Parade and went hiking in the Grand Canyon the beginning of August. I haven’t felt one twinge of pain since I went in for surgery and had stopped all pain medicine after four days.

A woman from church encouraged me to see Dr. Brian O’Neill at Twin Cities Orthopedics, where she works. She told me about the great results his patients had and that most came to their two week checkup walking normally. I had the anterior approach total hip replacement surgery. I was very pleased with the information I was given to prepare myself for surgery. The class was helpful also, not only for me but for my husband to know what to expect after surgery. I found that the anterior approach had much fewer restrictions during recovery. I cannot say enough about the level of care I received, as well as the friendliness of everyone. I won’t hesitate to have the same surgery on my other hip.

January 28, 2016

Jennifer K.

I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for the care and treatment for my total knee arthroplasty I received from Dr. O’Neill and his team. I couldn’t be happier with the results!
I am so glad that you recommended the EXCEL Program. Everything about that program was positive, and I can’t help but attribute my positive recovery to Dr. O’Neill‘s skill and that program. Coming to the end of week seven, my range of motion is normal—better than expected. I’m at least 0 to 140°, and being an over-achiever, I’m working towards -2 to 145°. The swelling in my knee hasn’t been this mild for many years. I’m doing exercises I had given up, like squats and lunges, and back on the treadmill. I can’t wait to get outside and back into my fitness walking, golf and gardening!

November 16, 2015

Mary W.

My hip replacement experience was excellent and life changing. Prior to surgery I had significant pain that limited my mobility and restricted me from the activities I enjoy as well as limited my ability to run my business. The pain initiated in my hip, but my back and right knee were also in pain. It was hard for me to believe that at just 61 years arthritis was to a point that I needed replacement. I also didn’t believe that replacing my hip would resolve my back and knee pain, but it did. I first consulted my general practitioner and on advice of a doctor within my insurance coverage, I had a steroid injection as a first step. With no improvement, I researched options for hip replacement, information on procedures and chose Dr. Brian O’Neill at TCO.

My experience was exceptional from the beginning through my final re-check. From a basic patient perspective, I had no long waits, had my questions answered and felt that Dr. Brian O’Neill listened to my concerns. The surgery was fast, the experience at the Interlude Center was fantastic, and best of all I am completely out of pain and back to a very active, pain free life.

Details that worked well for me:

– I appreciate that surgery was scheduled early in the morning. I had minimal general anesthetic issues.
– The bundled billing and ability to pre-pay was a very convenient option. It is also helpful as a patient to have one contact person should there have been a question on the billing.
– The education meeting with the TCO/Excel nurse Marni was very helpful to know what to expect.
– The printed booklet was helpful as it is easy to forget details.
– Recovering in the Interlude Center through the Excel program was a perfect after surgery experience. Private room, private nurses, physical therapy and a follow-up with an internist gave me access to care in one package and eliminated the chaos that can come with a hospital experience.
– The nurses that cared for me were wonderful and well suited to that kind of care.
– The room at the Interlude Center was great-it is nice to be surrounded by comfort while being focused on recovery.

I have only 2 recommendations based on my experience. It would be helpful to receive a chart or spreadsheet that scheduled the pain medications to be taken at home. I was familiar with the drugs and the nurses educated me, but for some patients this could be confusing and easy to forget what to take and when. There was a written list of medications prescribed, but not a specific schedule outlining how and when to take the meds.

The other recommendation is a printed handout from the therapist with pictures of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 exercises. Even though I could have used my laptop to access the videos, I created hard copies of exercises and included a chart of completion to make it easier to get it done.

I rate my experience A++. I would be giving my testimony in person but I am celebrating my 39th wedding anniversary with my husband in Florida. We walk 4 miles on the beach each morning and that was my goal when scheduling the surgery in early August. Life is good, thank you Twin Cities Orthopedic team!

December 10, 2014

Roger A.

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Thank you for the opportunity to give you my comment on my procedures. The results of my new hips could not have been better. North Memorial, all of the nurses, and Dr. Brian O’Neill were the best. Both times, my progress in healing was so fast, after 12 to 14 days I was walking without even a cane. I never took the pain medication because I never needed them. My hips were one year apart and the second one was about a year and a half ago. I have been pain free, no problems at all. So again, I thank all those involved in resolving me to a pain free life. My wife has two new knees and our daughter has a new hip with the same results from Dr. Brian O’Neill. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you all. 

December 2, 2014

Rose Marie G.

Twice Dr. Brian O’Neill has given me a new life. In 2003 he performed my knee surgery and in 2014 he performed my hip surgery. Each time I was what I was calling “given the miracle of walking again.” Each surgery turned out to be so successful. Thank you Dr. O’Neill. I would refer him to everyone who is in need of surgery. Thank you for allowing me to share. 

November 24, 2014

Faye B.

I was in disbelief when my doctor confirmed after an x-Ray that I had no hip joint space left on my right hip and precious little on the left. That explained my intense pain in my hip and groin, my clicking as I bent forward (bone on bone) and my leg giving out with certain movements. No one in my family history had hip issues. Hip surgery meant I had work to do. I read all I could find and questioned everyone I could on their replacement experience. I heard horror stories and my first visit to a surgeon left me in tears. I needed a second opinion.I had heard and read that the anterior approach was the easiest in terms of recovery. One of my acquaintances who had both her hips done told me her first surgery was awful in terms of recovery. She told me Dr. Brian  O’Neill did her other hip and it was done with the anterior approach and she said she had done a ton of research, viewed videos, went to classes and ultimately chose Dr. O’Neill. So, I made an appointment.When I arrived I was told he was running behind and I had a fairly early appointment. I did appreciate their honesty so I waited. I sat next to a woman probably five years older than my 67 years. We talked and she said she was there for a follow up appointment after her hip replacement. I thought how lucky for her she was way ahead of me. She had had Dr. O’Neill and told me what success she had with her surgery.When I met Dr. O’Neill, I understood why he was running late that day. He spent time with me, explained everything, gave me options, showed me x-rays (before and after) and although I was fighting surgery, I knew I would be okay under his care.I shed tears in his office and on the day of surgery. The hospital gives you a huge three ring notebook to read. It spoke of donating blood “just in case” and raised more questions for me. Dr. O’Neill helped me check off all my concerns and questions. I always came to see him, even after the surgery, with my list of uncertainties. He assured me he did hundreds of these surgeries every year but this was my first. I reminded him of that.May 5, 2014 came and off we went. Everyone was so nice but it was me having surgery. They told me I would be asleep before I left the room my family and I were in and I reminded them as we started out that I was still awake. Some time later, I woke up–DONE.The day went by, a few visitors came (family) and my husband stayed the night. I was at the Maple Grove Hospital and can’t say enough good things about that hospital. I walked the halls with a walker that night and breathed a sigh of relief. I did have pain that night but morning came and I managed to freshen up in the bathroom, get dressed, fix my hair to look as presentable as I could the day after surgery.Dr. O’Neill was in early to check on me. I was sitting in a chair and he looked at me and said I looked like I was ready to go home. I said “yes”. He said, “then go”. WHAT? He said if I could do the physical therapy class and do the steps, I could go home. Who ever heard of going home the day after hip replacement surgery, but I did.Recovery was in my hands–do the exercises, move, ice the hip and come back the end of May. I was free to call him or his assistant with any questions. I had only three formal physical therapy sessions and always exceeded the goals set for me.My follow up visits with Dr. O’Neill were so comforting. He pushed me to give up the walker and the cane. He said at my last visit he would see me in two years but I know he knows my other hip is now wearing thin and won’t make two years. I am thinking probably another May surgery. This time I am more prepared having been through it once. While not looking forward to it, I know I have the best surgeon and would and have recommended Dr. O’Neill to anyone with hip replacement surgery in their future.Thank you Dr. O’Neill.

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