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Jonathan M. Cooper, DO

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Orthopedic Surgery, Board Certified Sports Medicine Fellowship Sports Medicine Subspecialty Certification

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Areas of Focus

Knee Care
Pediatric Care
Shoulder & Elbow Care
Sports Medicine
Trauma Care

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Practice Overview

Jonathan M. Cooper, DO, is a board certified and sports medicine fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine in patients of all ages, as well as minimally invasive knee and shoulder replacement. He has expertise with primary and revision complex knee joint injuries, including ACL/PCL/MCL/FCL reconstructions (multiligament knee injuries and dislocations). His special interests include joint preservation, meniscus and articular cartilage injuries, knee alignment (osteotomies), patellar instability, quadriceps and patellar tendon injuries, shoulder instability, rotator cuff tears, and acromioclavicular (AC) joint injuries.

Prior to joining TCO, Dr. Cooper was an orthopedic surgeon with HealthPartners and TRIA Orthopaedic Center from 2007-2019. During his time there, Dr. Cooper authored or co-authored numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks and trained Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellows. He has lectured locally, regionally and nationally on numerous sports medicine topics.

In his personal time, Dr. Cooper enjoys being out on the water with his wife and young daughter. He enjoys fishing and the many outdoor seasonal activities that the Great Lakes area has to offer.

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Clinical Interest

Knee care, including ACL/PCL/MCL/FCL reconstruction, meniscus tear, EXCEL total joint program, minimally invasive knee joint replacement, partial/unicompartmental knee joint replacement, and arthritis

Shoulder care, including arthroscopic shoulder surgery, rotator cuff repair, labrum repair (including Bankart repair and SLAP repair), AC joint injury, minimally invasive shoulder joint replacement (including both total shoulder arthroplasty and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty), and biceps tendon injury

Sports medicine, including athletes of any age, ACL/PCL/MCL/FCL tears, meniscus repair, tendon tears/ruptures, shoulder instability/dislocation, and shoulder labrum tear

Elbow care, including distal biceps tendon injury/repair, epicondylitis (ie tennis elbow), and elbow arthroscopy

Ankle care, including fractures, sprains, and Achilles tendon tears

Foot care, including fractures and sprains

Wrist and hand care, including carpal tunnel and trigger finger

Pediatric care, including fractures and sprains


Board Certified, American Osteopathic Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Fellowship in Sports Medicine at TRIA Orthopaedic Center, Bloomington, MN

Michigan State University – Genesys Regional Medical Center

Medical Degree
Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM)

Hospital & Surgery Center Affiliations

Primary Surgery Locations
Eagan Orthopedic Surgery Center
Fairview Ridges Hospital

Other Locations
Woodwinds Health Campus
Regions Hospital
TRIA Orthopaedic Center

Professional Affiliations

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (2004 – Present)
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (2006 – Present)
Arthroscopy Association of North America (2007 – Present)
American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics (2001 – Present)
American Osteopathic Association (AOA) (1996 – Present)
Minnesota Medical Association (2007 – Present)
Minnesota Orthopaedic Society (2010 – Present)
American Osteopathic Academy of Sport Medicine (1998, 2007 – 2013)
KCOM Sports Medicine Club (1996 – 2000)
Michigan Osteopathic Association (2000 – 2006)
Mid-America Orthopaedic Association (2015 – 2016)
Wisconsin Medical Society (2006 – 2007)

Achievements & Awards

Top Doctor: Voted a Top Orthopedic Surgeon by his peers in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine (2016-2023)
Sports Medicine, The Leading Physicians of the World (2016)
Rising Star, Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine (2015)
O’Donoghue Sports Injury Research Award Winner (2014)
Big 8 Post-Graduate Scholarship Award Winner (1996)
Sigma Sigma Phi National Honor Fraternity (1997 – 1998)
Dr. Frank Iber Scholarship Winner (1997)
Runner-up Student D.O. of the Year (1997 – 1998)
Robert C. Fischer D.O. Memorial Scholarship Winner (1998)
Sydney P. Ross D.O., FACOS Financial Award Winner (1999)
Member Who’s Who (2000)
KCOM SOSA Past-President Award (2000)
NCAA Division I All-American Cross Country (1994 – 1995)
NCAA Academic All-American (1994 – 1995)
Three-time Big 8 All-Conference Team


HealthPartners Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine – Running Seminar, Faculty Speaker (2010, 2011, 2012)
Michigan State University, Genesys Regional Medical Center, Co-Chief Resident (2004 – 2005)
President Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM) SOSA (1997 – 1998)
Treasurer Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM) Sports Medicine Club (1997 – 1998)
Treasurer Atlas Club (1997 – 1998)
Chair SGA Political Awareness Committee (1997 – 1998)

Sports Affiliations

Team Physician, Eagan High School, Eagan, MN (2020 – Present)
Team Physician, Irondale High School, New Brighton, MN (2008 – 2019)
Physician Coverage, X-Games, Minneapolis, MN (2017 – 2019)
Physician Coverage, U.S. Figure Skating Championships, St. Paul, MN (January 2008 & 2016)
Physician Coverage, U.S. Gymnastics Championships, St. Paul, MN (2011)
Fellowship: Minnesota Wild (2005 – 2006)
Fellowship: Minnesota Lynx (2005 – 2006)
Fellowship: Minnesota Vikings (2005 – 2006)
Fellowship: Minnesota Timberwolves (2005 – 2006)
Fellowship: Minnesota Twins (2005 – 2006)
Fellowship: Minnesota Swarm (2005 – 2006)
Fellowship: Gustavus Adolphus University (2005 – 2006)

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April Bockin, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant

Kelli D.
Care Coordinator

Patient Testimonials

March 7, 2024


I tore my ACL and meniscus in 2005 when my husband was overseas. I had surgery to repair the tears, however, over time my knee deteriorated, and I had increased pain again. I was told many years ago I needed a knee replacement but could not wrap my head around it, so I waited. In 2022, I started having hip and lower back pain from my “knee swagger.”

I was seen by my primary care provider, and she recommended Dr. Jonathan Cooper and Twin Cities Orthopedics. I can honestly say my first appointment with Dr. Cooper was educational. He went over my options, explained the procedure, and answered all of my questions. I had my long overdue knee replacement this past summer. Dr. Cooper and his wonderful staff at Lakewood Health System are amazing, and I wish I would have had surgery sooner. I am back to work full time with a “runway walk” that I love to show off. Thank you, Dr. Cooper and staff!

Mary Color
Mary Color

January 3, 2023

Jeff H.

Dr. Cooper repaired my knee in 2016 when I was 19 years old. I first injured my knee when I was 17. I continued to play sports even though I was told I had torn my ACL. I can count eight different events over the two years where I popped something and couldn’t move my leg for days. Dr. Cooper told my family it would be a two hour surgery. He got in there and really took his time, with my meniscus in particular. The surgery took almost 5 hours because of his dedication to giving me the best treatment possible. I remember him telling me how he sutured my meniscus together piece by piece instead of just cutting it out because I was so young. Knock on wood, my knee has been incredible after I completed physical therapy. I am forever grateful for the amazing work Dr. Cooper did for me. Thank you so much!!

April 29, 2022

Nicole M.

Dr. Cooper repaired my shoulder in 2020. I appreciate that he didn’t jump straight into surgery and explored other avenues of rehabilitation first. Sadly, they didn’t work because I had some significant and painful tears. He was so patient with me throughout the recovery process and explained that there is a bell curve to how quickly people recover from this surgery. I was frustratingly on the slower side, despite diligent hard work at home and with regular physical therapy with Ashley. Finally, over a year later, I have my strength and almost all of my range of motion back and I’m able to do assisted pullups and handstands again!

February 17, 2022

Terry S.

I am 75 years old and was suffering with a bad left knee for 7 months before I had the great fortune of being introduced to Dr. Jonathan Cooper. We were introduced randomly through a neighbor in November 2021. After a very professional encounter with Dr. Cooper and his staff, the diagnosis was a partial knee replacement. Surgery was decided to be on Thanksgiving but was delayed because of COVID.

The operation went very smoothly as planned and I went home the next day where live alone. There were no detrimental effects from the procedure, except the normal pain from healing which subsided a little more each day. I was driving within a week and blowing snow 2 weeks later. My extremely qualified physical therapist (Ashley Kelleher) was absolutely a delight to work with. She was very informative and helpful. She managed to get me back to normal after 7 therapy sessions. All appointments were very prompt and intense but I left feeling better after each one. I am grateful for the experience and to be walking normal in 7 weeks post-surgery. Dr. Cooper’s top surgical skills barely left a scar. Kudos to the team at TCO!

October 19, 2020

Denise L.

Dr. Cooper and Jessica Cicero are both incredible providers. They take the time to listen to their patients and truly understand what the problem is before coming up with a treatment plan. I appreciate that they understand when someone wants to try conservative options and that they are willing to help get everything lined up for you at the time of your visit. You are not left in limbo trying to schedule the appropriate appointments on your own. They truly care about their patients and want to help you get back to your life with the best mobility possible. You are a person, not just a number! Thank you for all the help you have given me and my husband.

September 29, 2020

Elizabeth R.

Dr. Cooper and his staff were very helpful and certainly eased the anxiety my daughter had over her hurt wrist. He offered a couple options and suggested the best given the injury, her age and level of activity.

September 28, 2020

Alena M.

Dr. Cooper is a fantastic and caring surgeon. We would not trust anyone else. We are looking at having other family members with issues in his specialty transfer to his practice.

July 20, 2020

Garreth S.

Dr. Cooper and his staff are very thorough and detailed oriented. They never left anything out and made sure I was comfortable at all times. Excellent follow up post-surgery with myself and my wife which I really appreciated. Overall 10 out of 10 experience. Thank you.

June 3, 2020

Carol S.

Dr. Cooper answered all of my questions and did a great job explaining everything.

February 27, 2020

Ross L.

Dr. Cooper and his staff are excellent at what they do and if I need another surgery I would go to Dr. Cooper again.

December 5, 2019

Cheryl M.

Before surgery my pain was so bad I was having trouble sleeping at night because I just couldn’t get comfortable. I was avoiding the stairs in my home and I was not able to do simple household tasks. After surgery with Dr. Cooper, I am once again comfortable at night and getting back into regular housework routines. Carrying full laundry baskets up and down stairs is still a challenge, but taking it slow and gaining strength as time goes by.

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