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July 17, 2021

Bob H.

I had both hips replaced at a different location by a different surgeon. My right hip was done in 2016 and the left in 2017. The left hip stared bothering me within 1 year and I tried to walk it off but the pain kept getting worse. I went to see the same surgeon and his exam took less than 5 minutes. It included a brief 10 pace walk in his exam room and a diagnosis by saying "you just have bursitis so keep on walking." I asked my family physician and he referred me to Dr. Szalapski for another opinion. Dr. Szalapski told me I did not have bursitis and ran me through a complete series of tests that showed the hip parts were deteriorating and it was putting high metal counts in my system. Both hips need to be revised with different parts. Due to COVID, I had to put surgery off for over 1 year but I had a revision on June 28, 2021. It was the easiest and least painful surgery of all 3 previous ones. In about 10 days, I was walking without and walker or cane. Dr. Szalapski did what he said and I give him the highest marks!