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Orthopedic Surgery, Board Certified Area of Focus in Total Joint Replacement of the Hip, Knee & Shoulder Area of Focus in Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

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Areas of Focus

Foot & Ankle Care
Hand & Wrist Care
Hip Care
Knee Care
Shoulder & Elbow Care
Sports Medicine

Practice Overview

Edward W. Szalapski, MD, is a general orthopedist who specializes in replacement of the hip, knee and shoulder; fracture care; knee arthroscopy; and arthroscopic open shoulder procedures.

Clinical Interest

Ankle Care, Fracture Care Only

Foot Care, Fracture Care Only

Elbow Care

Hand Care

Hip Care, including Hip Joint Replacement

Knee Care, including Knee Joint Replacement

Shoulder Care, including Shoulder Joint Replacement, Shoulder Joint Revision and Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Sports Medicine

Wrist Care


Board Certified, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Harvard Medical School

Medical Degree
University of Minnesota Medical School

Hospital and Surgery Center Affiliations

Crosstown Surgery Center
Fairview Southdale Hospital
Mayo Clinic Health System – New Prague

Professional Affiliations

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Board Member, Fairview Southwest Care Systems (2002 – Present)
Chair, Fairview Southdale Hospital Credentials Committee (2005 – Present)
Chair, Fairview Southdale Hospital Quality Committee (2003 – 2004)
Chief of Orthopedics, Fairview Southdale Hospital (2001 – 2003)
Chief of Orthopedics, Methodist Hospital (1999 – 2001)
Chief-Elect, Methodist Hospital Orthopedics (1997 – 1999)
Chief of Staff-Elect, Fairview Southdale Hospital (2003 – 2004)
Chief of Staff, Fairview Southdale Hospital (2004 – 2005)

Achievements and Awards

Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Student Honor Society (1983)
Top Doctor: Voted a top orthopedic surgeon by his peers in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine (2006, 2008, 2009)

Sports Affiliations

Team Coverage: Sports Medicine training with Dr. Bertram Zarins and Dr. Arthur Boland, team physicians for New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, and Harvard University Sports


Tracy Chisholm, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant

Jessica G.
Care Coordinator

Patient Testimonials

November 26, 2018

Brian J.

With both of my knees at the end of their original warranty period, we were looking for recommendations for an experienced Orthopedic surgeon who would do a good job with knee replacements and who was able to accommodate some special timing needs. Two higher-ups in the Fairview organization recommended Dr. Szalapski. He did my first knee on August 20, and the second on November 19. While the second knee is still brand new, I can say I am very pleased with how the first replacement turned out. Dr. Szalapski is a good guy, down to earth, with a large personality. He’s approachable and obviously knows his stuff. He’s an easy guy to recommend.

November 12, 2018

Jan V.

This was the second hip that Dr. Szalapski has replaced for me and I could not of asked for better care! He is a very concerned physician and Kathryn Wilson PA is super! I would recommend him to anybody!

November 12, 2018

Mary O.

Dr. Szalapski – fabulous job, well done. I’m so pleased with everything about the process. All my questions were answered and I feel great. Thanks to his great job.

October 5, 2018

John R.

I have never been more impressed with a doctor and their organization, as I have been with Dr. Szalapski, his staff and the PT staff in Eden Prairie. From the moment I first met him, I was given cause to have complete confidence in him, his Care Coordinator Jessica and his PA Kathryn. They were always timely, friendly, caring and professional, and always gave me all the time needed to answer questions and offer advice. The PT staff with Nathaniel, and then strength training with Ian and Ryan in Eden Prairie was fantastic. The location was very complete, had all the necessary equipment and all the staff there knew exactly what I needed and wanted to achieve. I have had 13 surgeries in my life on almost every part of my body, and have never experienced the complete satisfaction from every part of this wonderful organization.

September 27, 2018

Mike S.

If you are looking for the best possible experience in having a knee replacement, go no further than Dr. Szalapski. He is an excellent surgeon with great bedside manners. His staff, Katheryn Wilson, PA-C and Jessica are of the same caliber.  Thank you, Mike S.

September 27, 2018

Nan S.

I was surprised six years ago when I started having trouble with my left knee. By the end, it would swell to twice it’s normal size, and I was extremely limited in my activities and in a great deal of pain. A friend had two knee replacements had recommended Dr. Szalapski. I had my first knee replacement in October 2012. The outcome was excellent. This spring, my right knee went downhill extremely quickly, as with my first knee. It would become very swollen, walking and standing was very painful, and it kept me up at night. I had my second knee replaced in July of this year. I had another successful recovery, and the outcome again was excellent. This time, I think having already been through the experience, my recovery has been easier and quicker. With both surgeries, physical therapy is required. Both times I was very religious about both going to PT and following through with the exercises. This is part of the whole patient experience which has made my recovery outcome excellent. PT has changed some of the exercises and routines, which has helped strengthen my knee and leg. I have people who tell me not to take pain pills after surgery. I have both times, feeling it is necessary to do the required exercises to regain total use of my knee. Part of the care, is to make sure use of the pain medication is limited in a time frame while recovering. It was not hard for me either time to discontinue use, this time faster than the first time.  Circumstances this time required me to be much more active during recovery. While hard, it turned out to be a gift. The whole staff who support Dr. Szalapski are all outstanding, all being supportive, encouraging and great. It is hard work to recover total movement. I sincerely feel the whole team gave me all the tools to recover. I could not have done it without them!

August 7, 2018

Barbara W.

I picked Dr. Szalapski out of a phone book 18 years ago at 43 years old needing a hip replacement. He was professional and gave me all the information I didn’t want to hear! I lucked out and got the best results I could have hoped for! He has since replaced my other hip, a knee and most recently my shoulder. I love him and tell everyone I know to go to him! He doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear but honestly not his fault. I thank God I randomly picked him I’ve gotten the best results on all my surgeries and can honestly say I have no residual pain. His staff is awesome and I could not be happier and no I’m not related ha!

July 31, 2018


This was the 4th joint replacement that I had done by Dr. Szalapski. He has been treating me since 2010 and I have always been treated very well. His skills have helped me regain my mobility. Thank you for all your concern and great care.

March 23, 2018

John J.

My testimonial is that I was in so much pain when I went in to see Dr. Szalapski. He informed me that I needed a hip replacement, which I tried very hard to avoid. In the end, I had no choice but to have my hip replaced. I am so glad Dr. Szalapski was the one do perform my hip replacement but now my horrible pain is gone and I am already looking forward to a healthier lifestyle. The care that I received from the Dr. Szalapski and his staff was very outstanding. A job well done.

March 23, 2018

Chester A.

Dr. Szalapski has replaced both of my knees and one tendon repair for my shoulder. He has also replaced both hips and a knee for my wife. Her other knee is set for replacement next month! The results of each of these surgeries have been quite rewarding, with NO complications. I would highly recommend considering Dr. Szalapski for any surgeries that involve a joint repair or replacement. A no nonsense Dr. that will give you the facts without the pressure to proceed.

February 27, 2018

Dorothy L.

My daughter is writing this for me, I’m 96 and fell and broke my hip. Dr Szalapski did a wonderful job. I’m back home now in my condo with no pain and healing really fast. The only bad part now is I have to use a cane now and then. I would send anyone to him.

February 27, 2018

Richard K.

I am a prime example of Dr. Szalapski’s excellent surgical skills, treatment and how well he replaced my right hip. He has also successfully surgically repaired my trigger index finger on my right hand. In addition, he is keeping my knee out of trouble because of arthritis. I am very happy with Dr. Szalapski and I give him and his staff the highest rating one can receive in his field of medicine.

July 13, 2017

David P.

Started having knee problems back in the 1990 spots related. First my ACL went out and then had a shim put in my knee later on, but after time the knee was shot and wasn’t able to do spots any more go up and down steps, ride a bike and do karate. It was time to have the knee fix and after having the knee surgery around 2005 wasn’t sure how I would do. I was given some pain killers for a short time and did all my therapy like the doctor told me to do. Was off of pain killers in about 3 to 5 weeks and took Advil instead if needed. Doing my exercise every day,2 to 3 times a day and doing what the doctor said. Yes it took effort on my part, but is was worth every ounce of sweet, after the doctor took me off of all restriction .. I go for a 6 mile bike ride or longer and not afraid to walk 6 miles , I have also returned to doing karate tournaments ,swimming and camping . Did I mention that both lags have acritical knees and it was the best think I could done. I have them for over 5 years and going strong. I feel that Dr. Edward Szalapski did a great job doing the knee replacement and his team that work in getting back to a normal life, I give him 10 stars. Remember no pain no gain.
David Printup

May 19, 2017

Gary W.

Dr. Szalapski has done numerous surgeries on me. I have had both my shoulders done by him. I had a knee replacement done by him, and I tore my left quad muscle off, which Dr.Szalapski reattached.  I would not have any other orthopedic surgeon do this for me.  He was wonderful. I love the fact  Dr. Szalapski is honest and very forthright with his advice on what I need to do to heal.  His assistant Joe has also been a huge part in all of my surgeries and in my healing. I cannot say enough about all of Dr. Szalapski’s staff.  Thank you to all of you.

February 23, 2017

Sandra J.

I am the Health Care Agent for my stepmother, Dorothy, who fell in her assisted living apartment fracturing her right hip.  Despite being in her 80s, this was her first fracture ever.  Dr. Szalapski provided her trauma care and performed surgery to do a partial hip replacement.  Dr. Szalapski made Dorothy and our whole family feel comfortable and confident of the outcomes.  A hip fracture in an elderly health-compromised individual can be serious, leading to other serious consequences.  Dorothy made a full recovery, exclaiming that her hip felt better than ever!  In addition to his clearly capable management of the medical and surgical elements, Dr. Szalapski’s demeanor and patient presence is excellent.  Thanks, Doc, for your support.

October 4, 2016

Colleen P.

After years of pain in my knees and difficulty walking very far, I had had enough and decided it was time to do something about my knees. A friend recommended Dr. Szalapski. I had both knees replaced (April and October) in 2013. I wish I had done it a lot earlier. I can walk for miles, and I do on our hiking and camping trips. I can kneel for a few minutes and I owe it all to the wonderful skills of Dr. Szalapski and Joe. Dr. Szalapski encouraged me to continue with exercises after I finished the therapy program. So very glad my friend recommended him after her knee surgery.

September 27, 2016

Joni P.

I had Dr. Szalapski perform a long overdue knee replacement approximately one year ago. It was a complete success, eliminating my pain, and through dedicated therapy and exercise, I have regained full mobility. He truly has changed my life.

September 1, 2016

Jean Z.

It’s not easy to say, “Yes, give me a new knee.”  However, after months of knee pain after a fall and a subsequent diagnosis of bone on bone and arthritis, I was ready.  Dr. Szalapski addressed my concerns and questions with patience and kindness and I was put at ease.  Thanks to him for my new knee and thanks to his staff, Jessica and Joe, for their timely responses to my calls and questions. I can’t say enough about the excellent after care of the nursing staff at Fairview Southdale Hospital. The entire experience with TCO was more than I could have hoped for.

July 25, 2016

Joyce L.

I have had five surgeries with Dr. Szalapski, all successful. He is a skilled physician as well as a caring person. His nurse and P.A. helped get me through some traumatic experiences related to a bad infection that attacked my knee. Dr. Szalapski was extremely thorough and cautious and after taking my knee out because of the infection, would not replace it until he was 100% sure that the infection was gone. As a result I now enjoy walking around the lake.

October 12, 2015

Ed N.

I have seen Dr. Szalapski for chronic pain in my shoulder, as well as ongoing monitoring of foot deformities caused by Charcot Foot syndrome. The shoulder was resolved with shot of cortisone (which I barely felt). Being severely diabetic, I believe I can say with honesty that without his recommendations and care, I would have lost one or both of my feet by now. Under Dr. Szalapski’s guidance, I have also seen several other providers in that same office for one surgery on a finger and two on a foot. One of the foot injuries could have been crippling, but healed wonderfully. I am a nurse by trade, so my standards are pretty exacting. I heartily recommend the entire staff there, and especially Dr. Szalapski.

February 28, 2012

Maureen S.

Maureen S., from Orono (pictured on left), has had numerous surgeries with Edward Szalapski, MD (pictured on right) of Twin Cities Orthopedics, including two total knee replacements, rotator cuff surgery, and wrist surgery. “I feel completely confident and blessed with Dr. Szalapski,” she said. Maureen explains that thanks to the compassionate staff members and thorough follow-up, her time with Twin Cities Orthopedics has “been without a doubt, the best medical experience ever.”

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