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April 6, 2019

Debbie B.

Twin Cities Orthopedics Helped Me Get Back To An Active Life In the fall of 2018, my mind was foggy and my body was bruised. “How did I get here?” I wondered aloud. The nurse reminded me that I fell down the stairs the night before. “You might have some memory loss from the concussion,” she said. I didn’t remember the fall but I did remember my disdain for stairs. For the past year, my knees had been in constant pain, and they were so swollen it was hard to bend or straighten them. As I stared at the ceiling from my hospital bed, I thought “This is not how I pictured my golden years.” At 63 years, I thought I would be riding a bicycle with my grandchildren and hiking through national parks with my husband. However, those goals require good physical health, while I suffered from worn out and previously torn meniscuses in both knees. Even with rest, ice bag applications, and frequent use of analgesics, day-to-day activities were excruciating. I tried massages, chiropractic adjustments, and cortisone shots; but the relief was minor and short- lived. Finally, I decided to make an appointment with Twin Cities Orthopedics. To my surprise, Tammy, a very compassionate nurse at Twin Cities Orthopedics, offered me an immediate visit. From the moment I met Dr. D. Charles Eggert, I knew I had the made the right decision. He offered me alternative treatments and medication, and gave me hope for the future. My treatment plan included viscosupplementation, also known as “rooster comb” injections. The shots provide cushioning to decrease pain and protect against further damage. I was shocked at how much better my knees felt afterwards! Twin Cities Orthopedics also gave me physical therapy exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knees and improve my balance. Now, my joints no longer catch or lock up. Thanks to the staff at Twin Cities Orthopedics, I will be biking, hiking and enjoying an active life again!