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November 19, 2020

Dr. Anne S.

When I first met Dr. David Anderson, my right shoulder had two surgeries in 6 months. Dr. Anderson looked at my shoulder and said, "First, you have to fix what is bad in the basics, in the foundation of the joint. And then you can fix what's above.” He explained, "It's kind of like trying to turn a double play when your 2nd baseman is looking and watching the sunset. You can't do anything until everyone works on the basics, together." That was in 2003. Since that time, Dr. Anderson has worked on a couple of broken things, a few dislocated things, and just been a very good friend. And we've talked a LOT of baseball! He even helped with a puzzle in my pain research, because he knew about more sports related toys than anyone else -- all for his patients, of course! Dr. Anderson is among the top sports physicians in the United States. We are lucky to have him among the surgeons at TCO. And, he's a really good guy! IMG