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May 3, 2019

Jill E.

I had torn my left meniscus in December 2017 and discovered I had no cartilage and I was filled with arthritis. In January 2018, I had surgery to try and take the rough edges off my meniscus but it was unrepairable. I had never had any knee trouble prior to this. Then in February 2018, my right knee started really hurting, I found out it too had no cartilage and was filled with arthritis. In just a few months, I went from exercising and living an active life, to being completely immobile and being in constant pain. Every step I took felt like a knife was going through my knees. I could barely make it through my work day, let alone anything else. I couldn’t even go grocery shopping without coming home in tears. I would spend my nights and weekends sitting on the couch doing nothing but watching TV and becoming more and more depressed. Then, in September, I tore my right meniscus. I didn’t think it could get any worse. I was told I needed two knee replacements but several doctors told me they wouldn’t do the surgery until I was in my 60’s. Then I found Dr. O’Neill, and he changed my life! He performed a double knee replacement in February 2019. I was able to leave the hospital on day 3 and go home (not to a rehab facility like we thought). I climbed the stairs and was able to sleep in my own bed! Within one month, I was walking my dog for over a mile every day, going for bike rides, and had a range of motion better than most people that have never had a knee replacement! My mental health has never been better, I feel like a new person and am grateful for every day. I enjoy waking up and living my day. I was able to attend my daughters college graduation with pure joy and no fear of how far I had to walk. Dr. O’Neill will never know how much I appreciate how much he did for me mentally as well as physically. He literally gave me my life back.