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October 10, 2018

John P.

I would love the chance to see Dr. Steven Meisterling again and thank him for giving me my life back! The first time I went to see him in St. Croix Falls, I could barely walk into the clinic because my knee hurt so bad and it was affecting my hip too so that was sore. He showed me the x-rays of my knee and how little cartilage I had left. I was advised to first try wearing a neoprene brace on my knee which made an amazing difference for a while. By the time of my operation, I was very bow-legged and limping very badly. All of the staff that I had dealt with were extremely helpful. I felt very comfortable going into the operation; the pre-op nurse and anesthesiologist were very comforting. My recovery was smooth with no problems and the staff checked in on me frequently. I loved my physical therapist, Dan Stark, during my recovery process as well – he was very helpful and such a nice guy. My whole experience with the EXCEL Program at TCO was great. I would definitely recommend TCO to anyone and will not hesitate to go back if I ever need any similar procedures.