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March 10, 2019

Joshua P.

I have had a rather tough two years. Around April 2017, I started to experience intense pain in my right flute and hamstring when running and bending. I tried to play baseball/softball and run like I normally did, but I struggled severely. I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Hess at TCO Maple Grove, where he took an x-ray of my right hip. He told me right away that my right hip has severe arthritis, and that I would likely need a replacement. He referred me immediately to Dr. Brian O’Neill, who discussed my options. They treated me for a few months with steroid injections, which helped to get me through the next year or so, but eventually, the pain became unbearable (to the point where I could hardly field a ground ball, or even tie my shoes). Dr. O’Neill performed a right hip replacement for me in September 2018, and I shockingly walked out the hospital the next day with the aid of a cane. The nursing staff at the rehab facility in Plymouth, where I had my surgery, were absolutely incredible as well. I was in very little pain throughout the entire time, from surgery through all of my follow-up visits. Since then, I have been able to return to baseball/softball, my rec hockey league, and I am able to bend down to pick up my niece and play with her again. They changed my life for the better, allowing me to be able to return to the activities I love. I cannot thank them enough.