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November 19, 2020

Kellie M.

I was about 31 when I began having hip issues. Eventually I was referred to Dr. Anseth for full hip replacement. After having twins, then losing 100lbs, the 'fat' was what was practically holding my hips together. I was born with hip dysplasia so they basically were not working anymore, surprising they ever did. I was experiencing excruciating bone on bone and arthritis pain. I was 33 or so by the time surgery came around and could barely walk and keep up with my 3 year old twin girls. Both hips on scans did not look good, so I had one hip replacement done. Then about 2 years later, the other hip started doing same as first one. Dr. Anseth was AMAZING. I have seen where a lot of surgeons have no 'bed side manner' and he was what all patients hope for. He was kind, made a point of getting to know me... I actually was being wheeled in at Abbott to have surgery on a broken finger with a different doctor a couple years later and I saw him. As he was getting ready for another patient surgery and he stopped to say hello. Was so nice he remembered me. I am now 42 and have had several surgeries, and Dr. Anseth by far is the very best! Thanks Dr. Anseth.