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May 2, 2019

Kristi P.

Being 45, I have had my share of surgeries. I was born with left hip dysplasia in 1973. When I was a little over a year old, I had surgery to fix the ball and socket. I was very active growing up, lettering in 3 sports and played fastpitch softball during the summer for many years. Orthopedically I was doing great until 2010 when I tore my labrum in my left hip. Dr. Neil Johnson sent me to a specialist at the U of M. After repairing my labrum and replacing the hip a year later, I thought I was doing good. I was an avid golfer and was playing great. In October of 2014, I was rear ended by a distracted driver, causing the herniation of vertebrae in my neck. Dr. Deal repaired my neck in April of 2015 and I was back on the golf course in August that summer. Not too long after this surgery, I started having right hip issues and Dr. Chris Larson found that I had a torn labrum. He highly recommended I go to see PT Meredith Butulis. She would help me get better without surgery! After my previous experience with my left hip, I was not sold. However, I began working with Meredith and found her to be amazing. She was a great listener and was always so positive and encouraging. After working with her, I have been able to push surgery off and still have not had to do anything about it. In 2017, while golfing, I stepped in a hole in front of green, and stretched/tore ligaments in left ankle. After visiting with two TCO doctors, therapy was ordered and I immediately went to Meredith. After little improvements in my ankle, she sent me to see Dr. Chris Coetzee. He surgically repaired the ligament. He was also fantastic. When PT was ordered, I said I wanted to work with Meredith. Dr. Coetzee looked at me and said, “Fantastic. She is the best PT in the Twin Cities.” I told him I agreed. Meredith has helped me in so many ways get back to participating in sports again at a high level. I have a fantastic relationship with her which gives me comfort when I have a question after treatment has been completed. I know I can email her and she gets back to me in a very reasonable time frame. My story at TCO is extensive over the past 7-8 years. Every doctor, therapist and nurse have been wonderful to work with. I always felt like I was at the center of their attention when I was in one of the offices. I highly recommend to anyone who has an orthopedic issue or concern, to go to TCO.