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April 1, 2019

LaurieJo M.

In 2015, I had a severe knee injury in a football game. I had been playing semi-pro woman's football for about 4 years. My initial surgery was done at another Ortopedic practice. The second injury occurred 18 months later (also in a football game), after I was told my knee was stronger than it had been pre-injury, and I returned to the same practice. My knee did not heal correctly and therefore I had a 3rd surgery (all on the same knee, all by the same practice). I went in for my 1 year check up after surgery #3 and was told I would need a 4th surgery because it still wasn't right. I was advised by Kim Kotila to get an opinion from Dr. Larson, which he was kind enough to do in a very prompt manor. He also advised surgery, but I immediately felt much more confident in his methods and therefore scheduled with him. I had surgery #4 at TCO on Aug 22nd. I am thrilled to say that 8 months post surgery I can stand with no pain, I can run and jump with full motion/mobility and, although I will never play football professionally again, I am playing volleyball and participating in everything I enjoy -  pain free with no restriction. THANK YOU Dr. Larson and the whole TCO staff! You are life changing!