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March 5, 2019

Melissa K.

I found out at the age of 36 that I would only feel better with a double hip replacement due to osteoarthritis in both of them. I was walking with bone on bone hips. Turned down at first by other orthopedic doctors because of my age, I cried because I couldn't do many activities with my 2 children, then 1 and 3 because of pain. Fast forward to meeting Dr. Anseth finally in April of 2018 and hearing he was going to help me made me want to cry tears of joy because he knew I had a lot of pain and 2 young children and a lot of life left! I got my right hip replaced July 2018, my left one replaced October 2018, and with all this snow we've had, got to take my now 2 and 4 year old's sledding for the first time, pain-free because of him. I have a job standing up, so now I can do that without pain too! I am so grateful that I had a wonderful surgeon at TCO help me get my life back as a mom and wife to the 2 greatest kids and supportive husband, and do activities with them. I will be 38 this month and I have had a much better winter this year than last because of him and the great staff at the Edina location. Haven't tried ice skating quite yet.....