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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

September 3, 2020

Joe M.

My experience with Dr. Chris Meyer at TCO was truly extraordinary, and I am very grateful for his expertise and competence on the operating table, during after-care appointments, and for the long-term follow-up support.

Dr. Meyer is an excellent surgeon and came highly recommended to me by a personal friend, who is also a physician. I had a great deal of confidence because of the three-word recommendation from my friend: “There’s nobody better.”

Dr. Meyer and his staff were professional, thorough, careful to explain steps and expectations, and personally made me feel important. The communication was always precise, and I was able to clearly understand steps, projected length of surgery, recovery time and other pertinent details regarding physical therapy and care at home. Dr. Meyer showed me x-rays of my new right hip and my other hip replacement that was done about 15 years earlier and explained the differences. He informed me that I would have more flexibility in my new hip because of research and technological advances.

I am sticking with these three words: “There’s nobody better!”

joe melton dr chris meyer

September 2, 2020

Paul W.

I would recommend Dr. Deal to any friend or family member. I had an L4-5 microdisectomy and Dr. Deal and his staff were supportive and experts throughout the process and my outcome was very positive!

August 31, 2020

Sandra H.

Dr. Eggers was wonderful! He listened to me and created a treatment plan that is beneficial in limiting the pain from OA in my cervical spine. He was funny and had such a refreshing bedside manner. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Eggers to anyone who has spine issues.

August 27, 2020


August 19th marked my 3 month mark after ACDF surgery performed by Dr. Eric Deal. I have been released to perform most duties again, so I played golf! I took it slow but did great. This is 1 year and 3 months after a car accident that caused a disk herniation between my C6-C7. I spent (wasted) 9 months with various treatments and exams. Finally in January 2020 my family doctor finally ordered an MRI that showed the herniation. I was referred to a surgeon who recommended cervical disk replacement. I was unsure of the procedure so started doing research. I came across reviews for Dr. Deal, which were all very positive and many showed the same symptoms as I had. They also mentioned they had the ACDF vs. cervical disk replacement. More research on the two options and I decided a second opinion was needed so I chose Dr. Deal. I got right into the clinic within days. Dr. Deal performed a thorough examination and talked to me at length. He never seemed rushed or pushy to use him or his procedure. He laid out the facts/risks/process and explained it all. I was very impressed and decided to have Dr. Deal perform the surgery. I will tell you over a year after the accident, I was still in great pain. Covid hit right when my surgery was scheduled and had to be postponed several times. By the time I had my surgery in May, the only way I could get through the day was to live on Percocet. I had weekly refills for 4 months from my family doctor to cope with the pain prior to surgery and prayed I would not become addicted. The pain, fatigue, needles, numbness, I had it all. On surgery day, Dr. Deal came by in pre-op just to make sure I had no questions or concerns. I did not as I was prepped well with information. After I woke up from the procedure, I noticed immediate relief. I was in the surgery center a total of 18 hours. I felt like a champ the next morning. I actually walked 4 miles (1 mile at a time) the day after surgery and continued to walk daily. (Dr Deal said that was a bit aggressive :)). I would recommend Dr. Deal to anyone and have full confidence in his abilities. And not to be forgotten, Alyssa his care coordinator is a rock star. I could call her any time and I did, especially when my surgery was postponed 4 or 5 times due to covid. She never failed to answer or return my calls. Top notch customer/patient service.

August 20, 2020

Cheryl M.

Dr. Eggert is a fantastic physician, very thorough and has good bedside manner!

August 20, 2020

Ben H.

I can’t say enough good things about the whole process I went through on my recent right Mako Robotic Hip Replacement compared to the old school hip replacement I had done 12 years ago on the left side. I had an amazing recovery time with my most recent hip replacement. I was up and walking around with a cane the day after the surgery and able to take short walking steps around the living room at home on the second day without the cane. Dr. Horazdovsky and his care team are amazing as well as the support team at Minnesota Valley Surgery Center in Burnsville. Best minimally invasive hip replacement anyone could go through. The more you get up and walk the faster you heal, at first you experience joint stiffness in the morning till about noon and as time goes on you experience less stiffness in the mornings. Walking on it is the key to recovery length. In my 3rd week of recovery I was up to walking about 2-3 miles in the morning and on my 5th week I was able to go back to work and stand for 10hrs a day behind CNC Machines as a machinist. 6 weeks later, I hardly ever feel anything anymore, maybe a sore hip muscle twitch now and then getting into my pickup truck, but that’s about it at 59 years old.

August 20, 2020

Sue A.

I first saw Dr. Norgard in 2012 after a motorcycle accident where I received multiple injuries including a fractured hand. Over the years I have continue to see him for multiple reasons which has included consultations and multiple surgeries. I have been diagnosed with arthritis in both hands and Dr. Norgard treated both hands. He has followed and provided care on and off over the last few years and when the time came I trusted him to do a total knee replacement. He is extremely thorough and discussed all options with me. He took his time and was very thorough. He has also great respect in the decisions that I did make after his consultations. In addition to his medical expertise, Dr. Norgard is very kind and has a gentle manner to him. Not only will I continue to see him, I have recommended him to my family members.

August 20, 2020

Thomas W.

I have been treated by Dr. Meyer for years, he has helped me with multiple body aches and pains. I am more than pleased with the outcome of both knee replacements and shoulder rotator cuff repair. I am now able to do just about anything compared to before I was very limited in my activities. My follow-up care has always been great. He is a caring provider, I would highly recommended Dr. Meyer.

August 20, 2020

Brad N.

I would highly recommend Dr. Meyer if you are needing a joint replacement. Dr. Meyer is a wonderful doctor, he has provided me with a lot of information, before and after my total knee arthroplasty. He took the time to listen and answer my questions. My knee is doing so better now than before surgery. He is a very thorough doctor.

August 13, 2020

Kris B.

Dr. Cammack has been an amazing doctor, helping to minimize the extent of required amputation and enabling me to retain my mobility! He is very attentive and listened to my physical and emotional concerns as well as my short-term and long-term mobility goals. I fully recommend him.

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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