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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

December 13, 2018

Dale M.

In May of 2018, I experienced some lower back pain that quickly developed into a lot of pain from my left hip to my tingling toes. After trying several different treatments from cortisone shots (2), to chiropractic visits and therapy, it became apparent that I would need to have surgery on my L4-5 to relieve the impingement that was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve from a herniated disc and foraminal narrowing (MRI terminology). Surgery was scheduled but put off until after harvest season (farmer). Dr. Rick Davis had prescribed a couple of different medications which allowed me to finish the harvest season ahead of the surgery and which worked very well…really, a life saver. My experience with Dr. Davis and his PA Brandon was exceptional! From the time I entered the clinic the morning of surgery until I left some 4 hours later to go home was amazing. Everyone was so accommodating, understanding and comforting…the surgery by Dr. Davis turned out to be 100% successful and I am once again pain free on my left side. I would definitely recommend TCO and Dr. Davis without hesitation. Just got home from my follow up appointment and had a great conversation with Brandon and Dr. Davis about the surgery and the healing process over the next several weeks. Thank you Dr. Davis, TCO and Brandon.

December 13, 2018

Jeanne K.

Dr. Davis is an excellent Spinal Surgeon. I have no pain in legs or buttocks which had been persisting for over one year. He is kind, professional, very talented and has a super caring staff. He is terrific in every way. I am so glad and grateful to have had him for my surgeon. Thank you Dr. Davis for this wonderful outcome and to your staff, as well.

December 13, 2018

Rob B.

Dr. Moser has been such a blessing to our entire family. Over the years he has helped each member with our various injuries with incredible excellence. Thank you Dr. Moser for all the help over the years. You are a gift.

December 11, 2018

Kristine S.

I had a 2 level disc replacement in my cervical spine in July 2018 to replace the worn and collapsed discs that were causing me a substantial amount of pain. I noticed results immediately after awakening from surgery. The nerve pain that I had going down both my arms was gone! I am very happy with my results and I am glad to keep full mobility in my neck. Dr. Bartie and his team are very professional and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend him for anyone considering this type of surgery.

December 10, 2018

Tim V.

Had SCR (Superior Capsular Reconstruction) on my left shoulder with Dr. Frank Norberg on May 22, 2018 due to a complete tear of my supraspinatus and other damage to the shoulder joint. I am 29 weeks out and my shoulder feels great. Dr. Norberg did a great job with the surgery and answering my questions about the procedure and the recovery. I have full range of motion and I am back to about 95% of my strength in the shoulder, but I am confident that I will get back to 100% as time goes by and I finish out my physical therapy.

December 10, 2018

Joyce J.

I went to Twin Cities Orthopedics for a second opinion and found Dr. Crowe. He had fixed a compound fracture of my ankle in 2000, and did a wonderful job. I was so happy to find him again and he did a wonderful job on my back. I am pain free and so grateful to Dr. Crowe. If you want a great surgeon who knows his stuff…..Call him!! You will not be disappointed.

December 3, 2018

Janet P.

I endured painful exercises for nearly two years as my physical therapist attempted various approaches to relieve my pain. I was shocked when my therapist informed me that I needed hip replacement surgery. I spent hours researching hip replacement surgery and was interested in the Anterior Approach. Testimonials for Dr. Owen O’Neill on TCO’s website impressed me, and I scheduled an appointment with him.

Dr. O’Neill reviewed my x-rays showing deterioration of the left hip cartilage resulting in bone-on-bone. He thoroughly explained the Anterior Approach Hip Replacement, and I scheduled surgery. The mandatory class at Fairview Southdale was helpful, and the pre-surgery exercises were beneficial.

The entire experience has been amazing. A few hours after surgery, I used my walker for a short walk to the nurses station. I then asked my nurse if we could walk further as I was thoroughly enjoying this without any pain. I went home the next day with no therapy, other than walking, and no restrictions, other than dancing the “Twist”.

While at home, I only used my walker for three days. I then discarded my cane after tripping on it during the first two minutes of usage. I proceeded to carefully walk around the house without assistance. I had pain medication – 1/2 tablet twice daily – for maybe 10 days. I didn’t even need Tylenol after that.

Life is good! At 77 years of age, I continue my daily 40 minutes of treadmill in addition to unlimited activities keeping me more than busy! I only experience a small amount of swelling after the treadmill, but no stiffness or pain. A special “Thanks” to Dr. Owen O’Neill and his amazing staff, Jessie and Ann. The front desk has also been exceptionally friendly and efficient. Yes, I anticipate future pain in my other hip and a repeat of this amazing procedure.

November 30, 2018

Mason. M

Dr. Lewis – We want to thank you and your staff for all you did for Mason in surgery on March 13th enabling him to be able to set out on two goals he had going in to that day. He had a personal goal to be back for his first game of his senior football season, August 30th. He also had a team goal to be playing in the Prep Bowl.  He was able to achieve both of those goals, not missing a snap along the way as Lakeville North’s starting left guard. Below is a picture from that first game and then two from their state championship win.

With all of our thanks,

Brian & Jennifer M.

November 29, 2018

Harry R.

Extremely pleased, this was my second carpal tunnel surgery first done by another provider. Dr. Bakker did this one and I cannot say enough nice things about this experience. Dr Bakker is very personable and caring. Thank you.

November 27, 2018

John D.

I had a Total Knee Arthroscopy in 2016 in Cleveland and it never healed completely. That surgeon’s staff kept telling me I just needed more PT. So I did it. By 2018, I couldn’t take the pain any longer and was referred to TCO. The surgeon that saw me immediately referred me to Dr. Anseth. I was scared. The first surgery and recovery had caused me so much swelling and pain. Dr. Anseth and his wonderful PA Heidi told me that my original replacement was loose and it’s movement was wearing away the top of the bone on my calf.  They moved their schedule around to get me into surgery in less than 30 days, which is very fast and uncommon in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Anseth made it work and after first seeing him in May, I had my revision surgery by June 1!

Recovery was difficult. Apparently I have a minor bleeding disorder which I found about through a referral from Dr. Anseth. According to him, I has more post-surgical bleeding than any other patient he has ever worked on. Let me tell you, blood where it’s not supposed to be, hurts a lot. Dr. Anseth and Heidi were concerned for my recovery and followed it very closely, meeting with me often. It was such a different experience than I had with my first surgeon. They didn’t belittle me or condescend when I complained about severe pain even 3-months after the surgery. They worked with a pain clinic to ensure I got the relief I needed. Their compassion never stopped even when it appeared that my recovery was not going as it did with most of their other patients. Dr. Anseth’s work however, is not just technically accurate and by the book. He took into consideration the fact that I was born with legs turned inward which, though corrected as a child, caused the structures around my knees to be somewhat uncommon. The first surgeon didn’t do anything “wrong”, but he didn’t take this into consideration, and installed the implant as he would with any other patient.

During my revision, Dr. Anseth took more than twice the normal amount of time fitting and refitting my revision implant. He is the first to say that there is science and best practice procedures to follow, but he very much relies on whether or not the implant “FEELS RIGHT.” He’s and artist as much as he is an engineer and physician.

After 5 months the pain subsided and the knee healed. The leg is still a bit weak, but getting stronger all the time. It was a rough road but I can say that with any other surgeon I may have given up, and I’m am not sure this second implant would have worked. I was a hard case, but Dr. Anseth and Heidi were up to the challenge and I will be forever grateful.

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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