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March 27, 2019

Peter H.

As an athlete my entire life, I found running to be my passion. After completing 10 Chicago Marathons, I accomplished my running goals in my life, but I had the desire to run just one more marathon at the age of 50. With the intense training over the years, my body was starting to take its toll. I was experiencing, what I thought, a sciatic nerve issue in my lower back. After two years of discomfort, I consulted with Dr. Brian O'Neill and was told I needed a full right hip replacement. A little shocked and not sure what to think, Dr. O'Neill explained to me that it wasn't the end of being active and healthy. It was hard to hear the news that my running days may be over. A little over a week after turning 50 on February 9th, I had a full right hip replacement on February 50th birthday present to myself! 🙂 Encouraged by my family, friends, the great people of TCO, along with Dr. Brian O'Neill...I worked hard to recover as quickly as I could. Following their guidelines and recovery care, I've managed to walk and strengthen myself to the point that the TCO staff and Dr. O'Neill have been impressed with how quickly I've been moving. "A speedier recovery than most". It's now been 5 1/2 weeks since my surgery and I'm walking in full motion, enjoying my ability to walk without pain and discomfort. Although I've been told that my running days are over, the idea of running again still looms in my mind. Desire and passion are two strengths in every athlete, but I know that my overall health outweighs risking injury. My comeback is one of mental toughness that has been supported by the TCO staff and Dr. Brian O'Neill. They understood my disappointment after wanting to run again, but they encouraged me to stay mentally strong. Although it's not running again...the idea of walking, golfing, biking, swimming and so many more active things I share with my family and friends is what I look forward to. I owe that to Dr. Brian O'Neill and his staff for their desire and passion to keep me mentally strong through my full recovery. Desire and passion isn't just for athletes. 50 is the NEW 30! Sincerely, Peter