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March 10, 2019

Roisen G.

In 2015, my sophomore year of college, I was the starting goalkeeper for the Gustavus women’s soccer program when I took a knee to my hip in the beginning of the second half. I had sustained a hip pointer injury, but continued to play the following 35 minutes and overtime, in addition another 35 minutes of double overtime. After that, I played another full game and double overtime to end the season. I took 2 weeks off from working out and felt able to workout again, however I battled hip pain off and on for another 8 months before seeing another doctor. After getting an MRI, it was confirmed that I had a left femoral acetabular impingement and a complex labral tear. I was referred to Dr. Larson, who assured me that all of my symptoms; pain in my joint, clicking, pinching, clenching and a shooting pain from my hips, down my leg, and up my abdomen was normal for the injury. We talked about alternative treatments but had decided surgery was my only option. In August of 2016, I went into the OR and had a FAI decompression and labral repair and debreidment. In the same month I began physical therapy. I sat out my junior year of soccer at Gustavus but supported my teammates as they won the conference and went to the national tournament. I got strong enough and was cleared to return to play my senior year, but my heart was no longer in it and, although I completed the season, I did not have joy for the sport and I still had fear of taking a hard hit. I did not feel I had a proper comeback and I did not feel I overcame my surgery. I decided after graduation, passing my Nursing boards, and training in at the Mayo Clinic, that running a marathon would be my comeback. And that’s when I began training. I had my 3 year check in with Dr. Larson at the new Vikings clinic just months before I was scheduled for my race. He assured me that my scans and physical assessment looked great and that running is a better choice for me. We talked about how the side to side motion and constant position changes was not good for my hip, and that a continuous forward motion like running would be better for my hip and my lifestyle. I then ran the San Francisco half marathon in under 2 hours, continued my training, and ran the Twin Cities Marathon in 4 hours and 15 minutes without any hip pain. I plan on running many more marathons and half marathons in my future. I am signed up for a half marathon this August on the 4 year anniversary of my surgery. Celebrating 4 years without hip pain thanks to Dr. Larson, his amazing team, and his perfected recovery/rehab program.