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July 31, 2018

Dory C.

I have been seeing Dr. Sager (and Nea) for about 10 years now for my knees which are deteriorating and full of arthritis. I finally took the plunge and had a total knee replacement this spring. Dr. Sager and his team were superb. They explained everything, were loving, caring and attentive, and I trusted them completely. Mercy Hospital provided excellent care. My scar is nothing like what my mother had years ago. Dr. Sager and Nea took time during office visits to listen, answer questions and explain every procedure. They cared about me…as a person. I highly recommend Dr. Sager and Nea to anyone looking for an exceptional surgeon. My physical therapists, Jared and Seth, were wonderful. They were gentle, caring, attentive and helped me obtain my goals and helped me push through the tough days. This is a great team and I’m very fortunate to have them in my life and help me through this journey.