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Gary R. Sager, MD

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Orthopedic Surgery, Board Certified

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Areas of Focus

Foot & Ankle Care
Hand & Wrist Care
Hip Care
Knee Care
Shoulder & Elbow Care

Gary R. Sager, MD

Practice Overview

Gary R. Sager, MD, is a general orthopedic surgeon, with special interests in sports medicine; total joint replacement for upper and lower body; joint replacement revisions; hand, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and wrist surgery; arthritis and osteoporosis care; fracture care and pediatric orthopedics.

Clinical Interest

Ankle Care

Elbow Care

Foot Care

Hand Care

Hip Care, including Hip Joint Revision and Hip Joint Replacement

Knee Care, including Knee Joint Revision and Knee Joint Replacement

Shoulder Care, including Shoulder Joint Revision and Shoulder Joint Replacement

Sports Medicine

Wrist Care


Board Certified, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

Bronx Lebanon Health Care – Albert Einstein Medical Center, New York

Medical Degree
University of Minnesota Medical School

Hospital & Surgery Center Affiliations

Blaine Orthopedic Surgery Center
Maple Grove Hospital
Mercy and Unity Hospitals
North Memorial Medical Center

Professional Affiliations

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
American Medical Association
Hennepin County Medical Society
Minnesota Medical Association
Minnesota Orthpaedic Society
Twin Cities Orthopaedic Society


Kayla S.
Care Coordinator

Patient Testimonials

February 18, 2022

Ken M.

I’ve had multiple surgeries by Dr. Sager. I tore rotator cuff back in the early 2000s. I saw 3 other surgeons and the only thing they did was send me to physical therapy for 9 months. It was torn in 4 places and Dr. Sager repaired it. He also performed surgery for both of my knee replacements and one of my hip replacements. In total, he’s done 6 of my surgeries and done an excellent job every time. I recommend him to everyone that’s having problems in Orthopedic field. Dr. Sager listens. After being severely hurt from work accident I’ve seen a lot of surgeons and he has earned my deep trust.

February 13, 2020

Michael H.

Life changing! I went to over 10 specialists, including other orthopedic specialists, to try and figure out why I had chronic pain during sleep and some activities. A decade after struggling with chronic pain in my neck/shoulder area, I sought out a doctor with great reviews online. Dr. Sager saw me three times and had me get a nerve test done. He gave me the diagnosis of TOS. A year later, after physical therapy didn’t help, I flew to Boston to go under the knife. Surgery was very successful so a year later I had my other side done.

I am so lucky to have been seen by Dr. Sager and then Dr. Donahue at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Life changing, thanks for everything!

December 30, 2019

Carol B.

I have been seeing Dr. Gary Sager for a year now. I had a left total hip replacement a year ago and I am 100% pain free and walk normal with absolutely no kind of limp. He and his staff are amazing! I was so scared to have surgery and tried all kinds of alternatives before finally biting the bullet and scheduling my surgery. Dr. Sager is very thorough and so compassionate! I cannot say enough good things about him and his staff. Thank you for giving my life and well-being back to me!


May 1, 2019

Bob A.

Back before I began being mistaken for Harrison Ford, I was (and remain) an old fat guy. No false modesty here: I am old, fat, and a guy.

It wasn’t always like that—I wasn’t always fat, nor always old. I have, however, always been guy. But one thing leads to another, and now instead of bicycling to work year round (-29F my personal best, not including windchill!), I work in the suburbs and am chained to my desk all day. The last straw was after last year’s ski trip with our older son who told me, you know, Dad, maybe we need to be done if you just can’t keep up anymore. This was not well received.

I decided to go to the gym. This is not an easy choice. As everyone knows, everyone else in the gym is younger, leaner, better looking, and has more hair. Plus, I’m sure all of them are judging my meager attempts at fitness with a haughty disdain. This is a hard thing to overcome, even when you know it is nonsense. Reluctantly, I loosen the chains at the end of the day and go to the Y before going home. Strangely, although I hate going, I always feel better once I’m done. It’s kind of like church that way.

Astonishingly, there is progress. Who knew that exercise works?

Then, one day while jogging around the track, I feel a strange twinge. I have never felt this before. It was not a good twinge. I knew there was a reason I hated jogging. Still, I continue my trips to the Y, only to find out that it never gets better. This is unacceptable. Off to see Dr. Gary Sager at TCO. After the usual array of tests, we agree that my meniscus is old (no surprise there) and needs some trimming. No big deal: sort of like a 60,000 mile checkup. And if we don’t delay, I can still ski!

After six weeks, the weird twinge still barks. I complain. Dr. Gary, a very patient man, explains that my meniscus is fine—it’s the stage 4 arthritis that is causing the discomfort. I am stunned. Arthritis? Me? I am so shocked I forget to ask what stage 4 means. I have to go home and look it up. Stage 1 is mild. Stage 4 means you’re toast. I decide to go skiing anyway. No bumps, he says. The first thing I do is try the bumps. Two bumps later I decide, no bumps.

This is a little humbling. All I do is eat his dust and later hear about the great snow on the double-black diamond runs while I stay on the blue—and even green!—groomers. Still, we have a good time. I follow directions and ice every day. But when we get home, I am hobbling around like Walter Brennan in To Have and Have Not. Ever been bit by a dead bee? Me neither! Back to TCO I go. We agree that a knee replacement is in order. I am shocked, a little horrified, and pretty much wet my pants thinking about it on the way home, but there isn’t any alternative.

I get surgery. It hurts. A lot. It’s the kind of hurt that blocks out everything else. The drugs, when they work, take the edge off, but it’s a long way from bliss. Also, I decide that I will never be a danger for opiate addiction since mostly they make me dizzy and slightly nauseated. I miss the first day of therapy entirely, lost in a miasma of wooziness and a queasy stomach. Day one post-op, and I’m already behind!

We go home. Things start to get better. After just six days post-op, I graduate to a cane! Canes bespeak dignity. Canes confer respect. I begin to take walks with my cane and my Stetson hat, and life greatly improves.

Physical therapy is, to my great surprise, neither painful nor unpleasant. Instead, I have these nice young men and women (the same ones at the gym, I’m pretty sure) telling me how well things are going. I begin to think I might be eligible for the National Knee Replacement Hall of Fame! Meanwhile, I continue to do my exercises at home under the watchful eye of my long-suffering wife, Jane. Jane is no stranger to major surgery, having had not one, but both (!) hips replaced at TCO. She tells me to keep the faith, keep after it, and to not succumb to the ennui of despair that stalks on the sidelines. She knows I’m pretty sure the glass isn’t even half full, plus the water is probably tainted. She patiently ignores my grumbling and gently inquires if I’ve done my exercises or would I like to take a walk.

We are only four weeks into this, but some things are becoming clear. I will go skiing next year. We’ll just see about the bumps. I will ride a bicycle again. I will go canoeing. I am getting better. And, if I could only convince Dr. Sager to join me in a guitar duo (I’m pretty sure he’s better than he thinks), I have a name all ready: The Bees’ Knees.

As for Harrison Ford: I’m pretty sure I heard someone say recently, why, isn’t that Harrison Ford? Gosh, she exclaims, I think so….but I didn’t know he was so short! Camera angles, I tell them—it’s just camera angles. Then I keep walking, because that’s what Harrison would do if only his knees were as spiffy as mine.

March 20, 2019

Carter V.

Carter, my son who is 14, was riding his bike home from school and hit some gravel just as he got outside the gates of his school. His leg got caught in the frame of his bike and he fell, braking his tibia in 3 places. The bones actually spiraled and also broke his fibula in half. He had to take two ambulance rides and wait to have surgery the next afternoon. Dr. Sager was wonderful and very upbeat from the first minute we met him. He also was very reassuring to us, as we were scared for Carter and what he had ahead of him with surgery. He did tell us this is one of the worst breaks he had seen in a long time. Carter was such a trooper. He received a plate and 7 screws in his tibia. The fibula went back into place and was able to heal on its own. Carter was splinted and non-weight bearing. He was in the hospital Thursday-Saturday and we got him set him up with crutches and a wheelchair.

It was also the end of school and he was receiving a Presidential award for academics that following Monday, that his dad and I made sure he made it to. He finished his 8th grade middle school year in a wheelchair. He was able to get the splint off after a couple weeks and wore a boot from May through August. He spent the summer in very slow recovery. Even though he missed out on summer activities it was great to see him enjoy the fall. He got to start high school boot free. That lasted until March 0f 2019 and it was time to go back to outpatient surgery to get the plate and screw out of his leg. Being that he was young, we decided this was the best option. The top half of Carter’s plate and one screw already had new bone growth over it. But Dr. Sager was able to get it out and Carter was healing with a boot again.

July 31, 2018

Dory C.

I have been seeing Dr. Sager (and Nea) for about 10 years now for my knees which are deteriorating and full of arthritis. I finally took the plunge and had a total knee replacement this spring. Dr. Sager and his team were superb. They explained everything, were loving, caring and attentive, and I trusted them completely. Mercy Hospital provided excellent care. My scar is nothing like what my mother had years ago. Dr. Sager and Nea took time during office visits to listen, answer questions and explain every procedure. They cared about me…as a person. I highly recommend Dr. Sager and Nea to anyone looking for an exceptional surgeon. My physical therapists, Jared and Seth, were wonderful. They were gentle, caring, attentive and helped me obtain my goals and helped me push through the tough days. This is a great team and I’m very fortunate to have them in my life and help me through this journey.

March 16, 2017

Sandra M.

Dr. Sager and his care team are very professional in every way when dealing with patients.  Dr. Sager is very loving, compassionate, and wise in his care for his patients. I have been seeing Dr. Sager for about 15 yrs. He has taken great care of my knees and now I am scheduled for total knee replacement in both knees. I am usually very nervous about surgeries, but with Dr Sager, I don’t have any doubt he will be more than awesome! I highly recommend Dr. Sager.

December 16, 2016

Maureen H.

I have been a patient at TCO a little over 2 years – Everyone that I’ve met at TCO, from the people at the front desk handling incoming patients, to the X-ray techs, to the nurses, to the doctors; everyone seems to work as a team and they are all very responsive and accommodating in every way possible. Nothings easy, things happen, no 100% for everything, but with my time at TCO, Dr. Sager and his care team were all knowledgeable, responsible and caring.

September 7, 2016

Paula R.

I have been seeing Dr. Sager for 20 years now and feel extremely grateful that I was referred to him, he is simply awesome!  Dr. Sager is definitely an incredibly gifted and blessed surgeon who is a master of his specialty.  I’m so happy and lucky he’s my doctor!

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Gary R. Sager, MD