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February 9, 2018

Frank R.

Hello Mr. Boosalis,

I just wanted to tell you my story. Back in December I came down with shingles and a few days later I fell and injured my wrist. Early on a Saturday morning it was so painful and swollen that I went to ER in Shakopee and was told it wasn’t broken and to go home and ice and elevate it. By Monday it was much worse so I went to my family doctor. She said because I had a screw in my wrist from an injury 17 years ago I needed to see an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible. It was late Monday afternoon and she recommended that I go to TCO Waconia urgent care as they were open until 8:00 PM. I saw a physician assistant and was told to go home and ice it and elevate it. When I asked to see an orthopedic physician I was told the earliest appointment would Friday afternoon. I felt I couldn’t wait 4 more days. We went home and the following morning we called TCO Burnsville and was given an appointment the next morning, Wednesday. By Wednesday morning my hand and wrist were so swollen and painful I thought the skin would burst on my hand. The doctor I saw looked at the x-rays and told me to ice it and elevate it. I told him he had to do something as I had been icing and elevating for over 4 days and it was getting worse. He said he would see if Dr. Olmsted would take a look at it. In came Dr. Olmsted, he looked at my hand and then the x-ray and said the screw that had been placed in my wrist 17 years ago had backed out and was no longer in place. Furthermore the wrist was now badly infected and he recommended surgery that same day. Finally some help! Now Dr. Olmsted may not walk on water but he’s close to it in my book!!! Not only is he a gifted surgeon but is also a compassionate and caring doctor. I feel very fortunate to have had him care for me. My wrist and hand are still healing and I still have a ways to go but I am now able to type again and wanted to share my story with you.

Everyone at TCO Burnsville from the girls at the reception desk to the people in the surgery center downstairs and especially Matt, Dr. Olmsted’s physician assistant have been terrific and I can’t say enough about them. Another thing is this place runs like a Swiss watch. Appointments are always on time if not early. TCO Burnsville is top notch in my book and I will recommend it to everyone!

Sincerely, Frank R.