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September 27, 2018

Nan S.

I was surprised six years ago when I started having trouble with my left knee. By the end, it would swell to twice it’s normal size, and I was extremely limited in my activities and in a great deal of pain. A friend had two knee replacements had recommended Dr. Szalapski. I had my first knee replacement in October 2012. The outcome was excellent. This spring, my right knee went downhill extremely quickly, as with my first knee. It would become very swollen, walking and standing was very painful, and it kept me up at night. I had my second knee replaced in July of this year. I had another successful recovery, and the outcome again was excellent. This time, I think having already been through the experience, my recovery has been easier and quicker. With both surgeries, physical therapy is required. Both times I was very religious about both going to PT and following through with the exercises. This is part of the whole patient experience which has made my recovery outcome excellent. PT has changed some of the exercises and routines, which has helped strengthen my knee and leg. I have people who tell me not to take pain pills after surgery. I have both times, feeling it is necessary to do the required exercises to regain total use of my knee. Part of the care, is to make sure use of the pain medication is limited in a time frame while recovering. It was not hard for me either time to discontinue use, this time faster than the first time.  Circumstances this time required me to be much more active during recovery. While hard, it turned out to be a gift. The whole staff who support Dr. Szalapski are all outstanding, all being supportive, encouraging and great. It is hard work to recover total movement. I sincerely feel the whole team gave me all the tools to recover. I could not have done it without them!