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June 28, 2019

Steve L.

Had total hip replacement surgery February 2019. Surgery performed by Dr. Erik Wetter. Everything went as planned. Prior to surgery, I was in constant pain, some days worse than others, but it was always there. Walked with a limp, trips around the block were about as far as I could comfortably do. One week after surgery, was able to walk without any assistance (walker or cane). At four weeks post-surgery, started going for daily walks, building up to 3.5 miles at a time, with the pain decreasing and the time per mile decreasing, and length of stride increasing. During the past month (3-4 months post-surgery), have been hiking in the mountains of Utah, canoeing, and bike riding, all with NO hip pain or movement restrictions. Now I wonder why I waited so long to have this procedure done. It’s really nice to be able to do normal daily activities without any pain. Dr. Wetter did a wonderful job replacing my hip, and he was also great to deal with prior to surgery, and at my follow-up appointments. I would highly recommend him.