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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

March 9, 2024

Kevin R.

Prior to getting my hips replaced, I was quite restricted as to what I could do. I have always been very active and I’ve run 120 marathons, having completed the last one in 2019. I went in for some PT, for what we thought was piriformis syndrome, but the stretches/exercises were not helping me with the pain I was experiencing in the piriformis muscle area. I stopped riding a regular bike since I couldn’t get on and off easily, due to an extremely limited range of motion. Running wasn’t working for me and even walking became difficult to do without experiencing pain. I finally told my primary doctor things weren’t better even after I had really worked on my PT exercises. My doctor gave me a referral to go to Twin Cities Orthopedics to see if a doctor there could help further.

I had my first appointment with Dr. Bircher and the first thing they did was send me down the hall for X-rays. Dr. Bircher came in and asked me to describe the issues I was having. After listening to me, he shared the X-rays that had been taken of my hips. Prior to this, worn out hips were not even on my radar. I had just assumed it was tight muscles. Dr. Bircher showed me the X-rays and explained what was going on. He explained that my left hip was a little worse than the right, but I was bone on bone in both hips. He talked about various options (total hip replacement, resurfacing, delaying replacement) available to me. While it was a bit overwhelming, he talked me through my options and his recommendations. I went home and came back a week later with my wife and after we talked through options again. We decided to go ahead with a total hip replacement on the left side and then reassess the right side after that.

Dr. Bircher instilled me a great feeling of confidence in the upcoming surgery. The left hip replacement went very smoothly and within one week, I was out walking 2-3 miles in the neighborhood with a cane. After just a few more days I didn’t even need the cane. After 6 weeks I went in and we looked at X-rays of the new hip. We also discussed whether to move forward with the right hip. X-rays again showed bone on bone on the right side. I wasn’t experiencing the pain on the right like I had on the left, so Dr. Bircher said I could wait 3-9 months to see how things develop. He also pointed out the right hip isn’t going to get better, so it’s just a matter of how long to wait. He didn’t pressure me at all to go forward with replacing the right hip, but I was convinced it was the right thing for me to do.

3 months after total replacement of the left hip, Dr. Bircher replaced the right hip. Recovery went smoothly and I’m now 3 months post-surgery on the second hip. I’m walking 3-6 miles almost every day pain free! My range of motion is vastly improved. I’m looking forward to being able to zip around more with the grandkids this next summer instead of watching from the sidelines. I look forward to walking and fishing the shores of the river for hours at a time, instead of fishing until I’m too sore to continue.

I can’t begin to express my complete satisfaction with the results of my two hip replacements. I was so very impressed not only with Dr. Bircher’s skill as a surgeon, but just as importantly the trust I had in him throughout the process. From the very beginning he took the time to explain everything and never was in a hurry to get to the next patient when I was meeting with him. He gained my trust with his demeanor, openness, and interest in my situation. That eliminated any apprehension I might have with the upcoming procedures. I would highly recommend Dr. James Bircher for anyone considering joint replacement surgery. He is the BEST!

January 22, 2024

Abby K.

We feel compelled to pass along a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to Dr. Steven Meletiou, his amazing team, and all the wonderful people at TCO Stillwater.  The care that our 8-yr old daughter, Abby, received over the past couple of days was over and above anything we could have imagined.

This past Tuesday evening, Abby got her finger slammed in a car door.  After seeing how badly Abby had cut and smashed her finger, we knew it likely would require orthopedic care.  TCO was our first call.  Much to our surprise, we got an appointment the next day with Abigale Gabrick, PA-C. We were blown away with not only the speed in which we would get our daughter seen at an orthopedic clinic, but that we could get in to see an orthopedic team that specializes in hand/arm injuries.

After reviewing the X-rays and the wound itself, Abigale did an amazing job explaining the seriousness of the injury. Abby had likely lacerated the nail bed underneath her fingernail, and that if we didn’t repair that nail bed, she would likely have a severely disfigured fingernail for the rest of her life.  Dr. Meletiou and his team performed the surgery the following day. The TCO staff made Abby feel so welcome and cared for during our visit for surgery. Abby is now recovering and even went to school the following day!

Thank you again to the people at TCO! Not only was their incredible level of expertise on display, but their genuine level of care that they showed for our daughter was something special.

Abby K Photo
Abby K Photo

January 1, 2024

Nancy B.

I had a knee replacement in Michigan in 2012. About 6 years later I began experiencing pain and had an X-ray which showed loosening of the prosthesis. Foolishly, I let it go, moved to Minnesota, and limped along. Finally in 2023, I consulted Dr. Bircher who discovered my prosthesis was literally hanging by a thread. He explained all the risks of surgery as well as the advantages, and he performed the operation in October 2023. The results have been fantastic. I was in an immobilizing soft cast for 3 weeks but already walking with a walker within days of the surgery. I have had no pain. I have been doing home therapy and outpatient therapy at the excellent TCO facility in Plymouth. I have a new lease on life. Dr. Bircher is a compassionate surgeon with tremendous experience and I can recommend him highly. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Bircher.

October 18, 2023

Burdette G.

I wish to express my deep appreciation for the outstanding medical treatment my son Gavin received from Dr. Nicholas J. Meyer, MD and his fabulous staff.

Six days after my son nearly lost his index and pointer fingers in a horrible snow blower accident, our appointment had been cancelled from under us by another clinic. Gavin and I were devastated, as we both knew he had a very narrow window for hopefully saving his fingers. I spent most of the night googling Top 10 Hand Surgeons in Minnesota and praying to God for guidance and support. Dr. Nicholas Meyer popped up in my search and I prayed he could help us. Immediately the morning of 1/25/23 I called his scheduling assistant Laurie and left her a pleading message and back story regarding my son. Within a matter of time, my cell phone rang and it was Laurie. Bless her heart and the hearts of Dr. Meyer and his entire team. It was a snowy day and Laurie told us to come into the office that afternoon. It was a bit of a drive from where we lived, however, we did not care. We told Laurie we would drive from wherever, we didn’t care, as we were so thankful for their support and understanding of the seriousness of the injury. Although Dr. Meyer had an already overbooked schedule, Laurie made time for Gavin. Dr. Meyer and his team treated Gavin very special and were so kind to him from the second we met.

By the end of our visit with Dr. Meyer we had surgery scheduled for 1/27/23 and again, Dr. Meyer and his team squeezed our son onto his Friday morning surgery schedule. When we left the TCO clinic, we knew we were in good hands and that everything was going to be alright (to the extent it could be). Surgery went smooth, every visit and check-up thereafter went smooth. We were blessed with some follow-up visits with Dr. Meyer’s PA, Jennifer Ellis (whom was also in surgery with Gavin).

The care our son received from start to finish was phenomenal. Dr. Meyer and his team should be so proud of themselves, and also the x-ray team and the team in rehab that made the casts. Everyone was so kind, caring, patient, understanding and professional. Today we celebrate our son’s recovery thanks to this team. We loved each of them, and although thankful for saving Gavin’s fingers, we were sad to say goodbye, knowing (hopefully) that we will not see them again.

September 15, 2023

Noel C.

Wow, where do I start. Dr. Arntson was such a professional from day one. He never told me what to do, but explained all possibilities in details so I could make an educated decision. I chose anterior hip replacement surgery. I highly recommend this approach. My recovery was quick and the pain went away quickly too. I had a friend that chose the posterior approach and he said at 4 weeks, I was so much farther ahead on my recovery than he was. I also recommend the NICE ICE suit which made 20 minutes of icing on and off very easy. I’d like to add that the entire staff of nurses, PT’s, X-ray staff, and others that helped me through this were wonderful. They really do care about your health and recovery. Great job, Dr. Arntson and staff.

September 12, 2023

LaVonne G.

I am astounded that I was able to get into this wonderful clinic on just a moments notice. They take walk-ins! Travis Urbatch, PA-C was so personable and took X-rays for me. He ended up giving me a steroid shot for the pain in my overused knee. I was so thrilled. He was also willing to do the same for my painful finger joint so it wouldn’t lock up without feeling like I had to break it to get it to straighten out! All of that was done in one walk-in visit. I have to travel soon and the thought of hurting so much in the trip was worrying me. Thank you Travis. You are a great provider.

August 24, 2023

Gerald S.

Dr. Deal and his PA-C, Nathan, took care of me in July 2023. I was having lower lumbar problems and they read the results of my MRI to me. I just want to thank them both for going over everything in detail so I could have a better understanding of what was going on. When I got back to Naples, Florida days later, I immediately started physical therapy again. And thanks to the physical therapist, he was able to alleviate most of the pain.

I am so looking forward to getting back to my daily morning walks and workouts at the club. Also, I just want to say that the entire TCO organization was a lifesaver for me when I needed it the most! When I hobbled into your facility early on a Friday morning with excruciating pain, I was seen immediately! I truly appreciated the work of those professionals! Everyone did an outstanding job, especially Joelle and Rachael in MRI Scheduling! Thanks again for your help.

July 14, 2023


Last year, I had a hip replacement with Dr. Chris Meyer, and it was one of the best things I ever did. I had such a great experience with Dr. Meyer, his staff, and the EXCEL Program, so I decided to bite the bullet and have my left knee replaced since it was bothering me for some time.

One of my passions is golf so I needed to time the surgery and recovery before summer and a golf trip that was planned. The surgery went well, and I followed the doctor’s orders to a ‘T’.  I was ready to hit the links!  I cannot thank Dr. Meyer for the care I received. I highly recommend TCO. They are the best!

April 15, 2023

Kristy M.

I went to see Dr. Ridley for pain in my knee. He had an MRI done to see what else may be going on and discovered 2 blood clots that were not related to my knee pain. He called me when he found them and had me go to the ER immediately for an ultrasound. I was put on blood thinners to treat them. The discovery was incredible, and I am very thankful to Dr. Ridley for going the extra mile to ensure there was nothing else going on that he couldn’t see through an x-ray.

May 11, 2021

Carol G.

This was my first visit to TCO and my first visit with Dr. TJ Ridley. From the minute I entered the building, I had a good feeling and felt comfortable. Each of the staff members I encountered before meeting with Dr. Ridley were kind and welcoming. My visit with Dr. Ridley was exceptional. He was very interested in hearing my story of the pain in my foot. He was thorough in his questioning. When my results came in, he explained so I could understand what he saw in my tests. Dr. Ridley was clear in his prognosis and he immediately had a plan for me to implement. At this time I have no upcoming appointment as long as I follow his recommendations. I highly recommend Dr. TJ Ridley to anyone looking for an orthopedic physician who is highly qualified and one who truly cares about his patients.

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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