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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

June 20, 2018

Chuck H.

I had hip replacement surgery in Feb. 2018. The pain is gone, I am moving about better than I have in years. I would highly recommend Dr. Sanders and the staff at RC Hospital & Clinic in Olivia. Very good care and the result has completely exceeded my expectations. I am very glad I had the procedure done.

June 19, 2018


Dr. Owen O’Neill is without question an outstanding surgeon!!! My hip surgery from late 2017 is perfect. He diagnosed the issue with my right knee immediately and gave me three paths of treatment. If you have any waist-down issues – there is no expert better than Dr. O’Neill.

June 19, 2018

Todd N.

Todd N.

In May 2015, Dr. Neil Johnson and his team performed a total left hip replacement on me. Being only 52, at the time, I was filled with fear that my days of playing with grandkids would never occur, or being physically active enough to keep up with my marathon running wife would truly never happen. I was BLESSED to be one of the first 4-5 patients that was operated on using TCO’s new robot for hip & knee replacements (this machine was the 1st one in Minnesota). Fast forward 3 years later to today and I just completed the MS150 mile bike ride from Duluth to WBL, MN. I am down nearly 50 lbs. and have not felt this good being active in 25-30 years. With tears in my eyes, I truly thank Dr. Neil Johnson, his staff, TCO and everyone who gave me my active life back!

June 1, 2018

Arthur S.

I had my right hip replaced just over 3 years ago before moving to MN using the posterior approach. My doctor was great (a friend of the family) and my surgery was successful. I walked away completely satisfied and knowing I had received the “white glove” treatment. So when my left hip started acting up, I strongly suspected we were heading down the same path.

Dr. O’Neill and team confirmed that my cartilage had left the building and I prepared for the ordeal all over again. Going on disability and 6 – 8 weeks of down time needing assistance etc. Then Dr. O’Neill carefully explained that a new anterior approach procedure is performed by the team and with results that left me doubting what I was hearing in spite of the logic behind it. Back to work in a couple of weeks (no disability), being able to start swimming and other activities (especially walking) almost immediately, and likely no physical therapy needed. Then I was told about the EXCEL program and how this group has put together a team and a plan that covers every possible detail of the prep, surgery, and post-op care. I knew that I was in good hands because every concern that I had based on the first hip being done was clearly being addressed. Most of all, my previous Doctor said just be sure the new procedure is being done by someone who has a good deal of experience with it. Dr. O’Neill fits that having successfully performed the procedure many times after spending a great deal of time researching and training. His expertise is on display daily.

I am 4 months and some change out from surgery and I need to say that the difference in recovery this time is amazing. There are fewer restrictions in general. I was walking the day of and have not stopped since. Back in the pool as soon as the wound had healed and swimming easily. I began working from home ten days post-op which really was amazing compared to the earlier procedure (6 weeks before working from home). I had no need for pain medication after the third day post-op stronger than Celebrex (as a person in recovery, this was almost more of a concern than the procedure). I was given the ok to drive as soon as I stopped pain medication but waited 2 weeks to ease the concern of family. Everything I had been told prior to surgery was spot on and or even better than described.

I need to say a few words about the team at TCO. They not only are caring and supportive throughout the process but anticipate just about every question, concern and need in advance. Everyone goes above and beyond to answer questions from insurance to logistics and everything in between. The day of surgery team was caring, professional and on top of things. The overnight nursing care is nothing short of extraordinary and the next day/discharge team left nothing unanswered. The folks at follow up visits from the front desk to the team assisting Dr. O’Neill are fantastic. If you are considering options for a hip replacement, I cannot encourage you enough to look into this team and the work that they are doing. I am so grateful to have been a patient.

June 1, 2018

Doug V.

Dr. Arntson and the team at Mercy gave me a new hip 2 weeks ago. The first meeting with him was very positive. He was calm and thoughtful during my visits. He thoroughly explained the whole procedure to me and I left knowing he is a great surgeon. Dr. Arntson told me I was a good candidate for an anterior total hip replacement. The evening after my morning surgery I was walking with a walker and no joint pain. The next day he came to my hospital room to check on me and give me some guidance. He explained what my responsibilities for a full recovery would be. His follow up call a week after surgery was surprising but very appreciated. I am thankful to him and the people at Mercy for their skill and kindness. I would recommend Dr. Arntson to all my friends and family.

June 1, 2018


Dr. Asp has always done a great job in caring for all of us, through shoulder, arm, knee, hip and leg surgery. Always refer people to him.

June 1, 2018

Kyle K.

January of 2014 I had my left hip replaced by Dr. Comfort. April of 2018 I had my right hip done, again by Dr. Comfort. My recent surgery included participation in the EXCEL Program and was carried out at the High Point Surgery Center. Both procedures and my experiences with them, to include the EXCEL Program and High Point Surgery Center, were nothing but positive. I am 6 weeks out of my recent procedure and recovering well, to the extent that I am back to work and suffering only minimal muscle soreness. I would very much like to thank Dr. Comfort, Molly his assistant, and Dave for the great care they gave me through the process. Their care and talents have given me back the ability to enjoy a pain free lifestyle. Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Comfort and his staff. Thank you Dr. Comfort and Twin Cities Orthopedic for the quality care given.

June 1, 2018

Bernice H.

Dr. Asp has made such a difference in my quality of life. He performed a total knee replacement in November 2016 and replaced my hip in November 2017, both done at North Memorial Robbinsdale. Prior to surgery, I was changing my life to adapt to bad joints. He encouraged me by saying, “Let’s start getting things fixed, you’re too young not to.” I did and what a blessing. No more pain pills or canes. I’m walking normally and enjoying life. Dr. Asp’s knowledge and skill is a gift, but his positive attitude instills confidence to take that leap of faith!

June 1, 2018

Kathy S.

Dr. Brian O’Neill did a right anterior hip replacement on May 15, 2018. I woke up with no pain. Only used Tylenol. Within five days was using a cane and within 10 days just walking alone and I am not an exerciser. I like to walk. I would give him a 10 and recommend him and his caring staff.

May 30, 2018

Tannie S.

I liked the EXCEL program and felt the care that I received from Dr. Arthur and staff at Interlude, Plymouth was excellent. My goal was to go on a previously planned trip to Peru about 3 1/2 months post-op with my husband and sons, ages 22 and 25. I was able to do everything I had hoped to in Peru; including a 5 mile round-trip hike through a muddy, rutted ravine to and from Lake Sandoval in the Amazon rainforest, and hiking and climbing around Machu Picchu, where the limiting factor for all of us was the altitude, not my hip!

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As the largest orthopedic physician group in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the country, you are sure to find a clinic that best meets your needs.

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